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Links to Collaborative Mountain Ecosystems Research

Western Mountain Initiative
The Western Mountain Initiative is an integration of research programs that study global change in mountain ecosystems of the western United States. Also visit for additional information.

Big Sky Institute - Greg Pederson
Greg Pederson, of the Big Sky Institute, is a collaborator with the USGS Global Change Program. Greg uses instrumental and tree-ring based records of climate to assess the time intervals and spatial scales over which these processes operate to study climate variability and its role in driving biological and physical components of mountainous ecosystemsof western North America.

The Consortium for Integrated Climate Research in Western Mountains (CIRMOUNT) is a collaborative, interdisciplinary consortium dedicated to understanding climates and ecosystems of western North American mountains.

Mountain Research Initiative
The Mountain Research Initiative (MRI) is a multidisciplinary scientific organization that addresses global change issues in mountain regions around the world.

The Global Change and Mountain Regions (GLOCHAMORE) project has finalized a research strategy that aims to guide the sustainable management of mountain regions, particularly in Mountain Biosphere Reserves of the world.

The American Cordillera Transect
A network of global change research sites along the American Cordillera.

GLORIA Project
The purpose of the Global Observation Research Initiative in Alpine Environments (GLORIA) is to establish and to maintain a world-wide network of long-term observation sites in alpine environments. The data will be used to assess and predict losses in biodiversity and other threats to these fragile alpine ecosystems which are under accelerating climate change pressures.

Long-Duration Drought Variability and Impacts on Ecosystem Services: A Case Study from Glacier National Park, Montana.

Climate Change and Thresholds of Ecosystem Change: Invasibility of Tundra in the Northern Rocky Mountains
Research conducted from 1999 - 2004 to assess the sensitivity of alpine tundra to invasion by woody species from treeline in the northern Rocky Mountain region.

BOOK - The Changing Alpine Treeline
Coming May 2009.

Crown of the Continent Research Learning Center
The Crown of the Continent Learning Center’s mission is to initiate and facilitate learning and scientific inquiry in and about the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem so that communities, both regional and global, can make informed decisions as stewards of the region's vast repositories of cultural and natural resources.


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