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 My name is Jimmy Akin, and I am a Catholic apologist.

That means that I spend my time (or a lot of it) explaining and defending the Catholic faith. (I also do other things, like calling square dances and writing about low carb dieting.)

If you would like to learn more about my efforts to do good in the world (I promise always to use my powers for good!), I encourage you to check out the following resources:

  • This is my blog and web site. It has many of my writings, and it serves as a central hub for all my activities.
  • This is my secret club. I make information about the Catholic faith available to members that I don’t make available anywhere else online for free. Shhh! This is a secret! Don’t subscribe unless you are actually interested to see what you will get! Oh, by the way, here is a form that you can use to subscribe:

  • Here I post videos about the Catholic faith. Be sure to hit “Subscribe” to get updates about new videos.
  • If you like listening to audio, the Jimmy Akin Podcast is for you! Click here to sign up by iTunes or whatever means you like to use to listen to Internet audio.
  • Here you can sign up for my Ultimate Low Carb Club and find out about how low carb dieting can help you with your weight management and health goals.
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However you choose to get involved, I thank you for your interest and support!

Your pal,
Jimmy Akin