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ARCHIVED: At IU, what happens to my Cyrus (Webmail) account when I switch to Imail or Umail?

Note: The utility discussed here will be available until October 29, 2009, when UITS will begin migrating undergraduate student accounts from the IU Webmail (Cyrus) system to the Google-sponsored Umail system.

A utility on the IU Webmail login screen offers students the chance to switch from Cyrus to Imail or Umail. If you use this method to switch from Cyrus to an Imail or Umail account, your Cyrus account will be put into read-only status for five days and then deactivated. While your Cyrus account is in read-only status, you cannot move or delete messages from within Webmail. However, you can still move messages to another account; see At IU, how can I move my mail from Cyrus (Webmail) to another email system?

Additionally, graduating students will receive an email message with instructions for maintaining an IU email address with an Imail or Umail account.

Important: Many students are employed in some capacity by Indiana University and use email in their employment, either to communicate with their co-workers and supervisors or to carry out their job responsibilities. Because Imail and Umail accounts are hosted by vendors external to IU, student employees may use these accounts to conduct university business only if they do not receive or transmit any sensitive data via these accounts. See Student use of email for work-related purposes.

To keep your Cyrus account for work, and create an Imail or Umail account for student and personal email, use the Account Management Service (AMS); see At IU, if I already have some computing accounts, how do I get others? Do not use the utility in Webmail.

If you have questions, contact your campus Support Center.

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