Xiphias gladius — World’s IGFA Record: 1182 Lbs

Miami Swordfish Charter – Daytime and Nighttime Swordfishing Charters

Nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to the thrill of hooking, fighting, and landing a swordfish in Miami. This is by far the most adventurous and challenging fishing excursion we offer aboard the Marauder. We fish for swordfish during the daytime and night time. Both techniques are highly specialized and not for the novice angler as strikes are few and far between, but the battle can last hours in a stand up harness.

Daytime swordfishing has become a popular (and the preferred) method of hooking the true gladiator of the sea. We fish in 1600 to 2000 feet of water using highly specialized equipment, 15lb sinkers, and large rigged dead baits that look well suited for giant Marlin. We do not use electric reels aboard the Marauder as we feel this defeats the purpose of doing battle with the fiercest billfish in the ocean.

A typical daytime swordfish charter begins with a 14 – 16 mile ride out to the sword grounds, where we begin making methodical and tactical “drops” to present our baits at depth. During the course of day, you can expect to make up to 7 drops for swordfish.

For us, earning the bite is the most exciting part (its also the most difficult) and it often appears like a small fish is gently tapping the rod (we use 100lb braid on an 80W class reel clamped to a custom bent butt swordfish rod) before all hell breaks loose.

Because we use a breakaway rig, enabling the weight to break free from the main line, the angler is connected directly to the fish – man to beast – with no weights or electric devices aiding the fight. It’s you vs swordfish in a battle to the death!

As local Captains, we’ve been extremely honored and privileged to have fished with the pioneers of daytime swordfishing which provided us a unique opportunity to learn from the true masters of the sport.

The waters off Miami pale in comparison to the fertility of the swordfish grounds off Islamorada, FL – but there are plenty of fish to go around. In the last two years, dozens of fish over 300 lbs have been taken in the waters off Miami while daytime swordfishing with thousands of small, but legal, fish being caught regularly.

Daytime Swordfishing is a highly specialized skill and technique with less than 100 people in the world truly being considered “experienced” daytime swordfishermen. While we cannot guarantee that you will catch a swordfish, we will apply every ounce of skill and education we’ve earned through the years to put you on the fish. In fact, when we’re not chartering – daytime swordfishing is what we do. It is an addiction unlike any other and a sport which is reserved for only the most dedicated and passionate big game fishermen.

We also fish for swordfish at night (the most common tactic) drifting a combination of live and rigged baits at different depths, suspending baits from custom made floats. It’s common to see swordfish swim through the hydraglow we keep at the boat, as the brilliant neon green glow can attract thousands of baitfish. Night time swordfishing is drift fishing – it is peaceful, relaxing, and can turn into the night of your life very quickly.

On a common night, we hook three or four swordfish and usually land one or two. Swordfish are very sneaky predators and tend to “slash” baits before engulfing them. Although it can be frustrating, its common to bring baits back to the boat which have been cut in half – heart breaking to know the hook was inches from the fishes mouth!

Night time swordfishing in Miami is a very popular sport among charter captains and recreational anglers alike as the Florida Straits are considered THE most fertile spawning ground for the Atlantic swordfish. It’s very common to catch and release “pups” during the course of the night – a sign that many fish are in the area!

Because we have to run so far offshore, there is an extra fuel charge. Please call Charlie or Todd to learn more or book a Miami Swordfish Charters aboard the Marauder.

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