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How The Web Devalues Creativity


By lowering the barriers to communication, the Web has not made it possible for writers to make more money; instead large corporate aggregators are taking advantage of creators to make themselves rich. MaryAnn Johanson is the creator of one of the oldest independent film review sites on the web (flickfilosopher.com). In this lecture she addresses the problems of the long tail for the long tailees. How can a creative professional make a living through the Web, when all the power is held by the aggregators? So much for radical disintermediation... This share contains the lecture slides (see slide #29-30 for the summary of her argument), the lecture audio, further reading, a link to her web site and a critique of The Longer Tail from students at another Web Science Trust Network lab.

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 Dr Leslie Carr
Added On:16 Oct 2011 16:25
Creators:MaryAnn Johanson


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Lecture Slides

Lecture Recording

Sources and Further Reading

The Flick Filosopher: the author's film review site

Critiques of Anderson's "The Longer Long Tail"
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