Top 10: VIP Lounges In Toronto & Montreal

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It’s late but the night is young, you're dressed to impress and your name is on the guest list. You stroll suavely past the long line up (sunglasses optional), the doorman ushers you into the dark, thumping world inside, and soon you’re sipping champagne in your private lounge and keeping an eye on the dance floor.

It’s easier than you think to make this a reality. Whether you’re looking for a rooftop after-work drink or a late night of heavy beats, check out our recommendations for Toronto and Montreal’s sexiest VIP experiences at the hottest spots in town.

Note: This article profiles Toronto's top VIP lounges first and then moves onto those in Montreal -- there is no ranking

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By Jessica McGovern Jessica McGovern

Jessica McGovern is an Irish freelance writer based in Montreal. She has lived and worked in five continents and writes about travel, food, business, and self-improvement.
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