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IMEx data

  • A non-redundant set of protein-protein interaction data from a broad taxonomic range of organisms
  • Expertly curated from direct submissions or peer-reviewed journals to a consistent high standard.
  • Available in standard formats MITAB or PSI-MI XML 2.5
  • Provided by a network of participating major public domain databases.


Citing IMEx

Orchard, S., et al.

Protein interaction data curation: the International Molecular Exchange (IMEx) consortium Nat Methods 2012, 9, 345-350


IMEx is funded by the European Commission under PSIMEx, contract number FP7-HEALTH-2007-223411


The MPIDB database [1] will cease active curation as of 30th November 2012. The database will remain in the public domain and curated records will be available from the ftp site for the foreseeable future but will not be updated. Under the IMEx consortium agreement, IMEx records curated by MPIDB will be transferred to another IMEx partner for updates including protein annotations and improved data access – in this case the IntAct molecular interaction database[2] at the EBI (www.ebi.ac.uk/intact). From December 2012 IntAct will maintain a MPIDB IMEx server and make the MPIDB  IMEx collection available via the IntAct website and ftp site. It is anticipated that, with time, these records will no longer exactly correspond to the frozen records at the MPIDB IMEx FTP site, as records are updated by the IntAct team with minor anticipated changes including more recent protein annotations. Researchers who use entries of the MPIDB collection (either via IntAct services or the MPIDB FTP site) are encouraged to cite IMEx [3] as well as MPIDB.


[1] Kerrien et al. Nucleic Acids Res  2012 (40)  page info:d841-6

[2] Goll et al. Bioinformatics  2008 (24) ] page info:1743-4

[3] Orchard et al. Nat Methods 2012  (9) 345-350

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An overview of the IMEx website is now available on youtube here


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