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Not Paying Attention Chart

Posted by Scott R. Kurtz on March 07, 2013
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Huzzah and good morrow, welcome to another installment of Proclamations!

This week we've got another great suggestion to liven up your home-game. As a DM, how many times have you been eloquently describing a scene, meticulously setting the stage for you players, only to look up and discover half of them aren’t even listening? It’s every Dungeons Master’s worst nightmare!

Well the next time one or more of your group takes a mental break during your game, pull out this handy dandy Table Titans Not Paying Attention Chart and remind your players who’s in charge.

Dungeons Master’s Pro Tip: If your group is involved in an H.P.…

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Walking Dead

Posted by Dweezel the Alleycat on March 06, 2013
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zombies never get the point

I attended a small convention where a D&D game was being run, and I decided to join in. The DM allowed me to use a character I had already made, a gnome illusionist/swashbuckler (Rogue) by the name of Dweezel the Alleycat. I'd never used him before but I'd had a lot of fun building him so I thought I'd try my luck.

Coming in cold, I had no idea the theme of the game. It was a zombie apocalypse survival horror, complete with infectious zombies… My illusions had no effect on the mindless undead. My swashbuckling rapier was of little use. That comprised almost all of my skills. Dweezel was in trouble.

It was an interesting little…

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HTales from the Table

Arm Yourself

Posted by Monty Hall on March 05, 2013
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the dice don't lie

Some friends of mine and I played Dungeons and Dragons for many years. We had a hard-nosed DM, a real letter of the law kind of guy. Our DM wasn't afraid to kill off our characters and make us start from scratch. He took the rules very, very seriously. What you rolled was what happened, good or bad, no matter what.

One long-running campaign, our party of five were in a dungeon and things were going pretty badly. We were in deep and the chances of our surviving were looking grim. Just when we thought things couldn't get any worse, we encountered a band of orcs. We were outnumbered 4-to-1. The orcs were well equipped, organized and…

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