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About Whip & Grind

The folks at Whip & Grind love food and that's why we talk about it. We grew up in our families' businesses which included a grocery store, a small eatery, and a pizza restaurant in the heart of the California’s Great Central Valley. If you grew up in a grocery store, you know that every day is Halloween and you get all the big stuff. Needless to say, prepping grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and weighing out ingredients for tomato pies (just once actually) educated me how I like my to prepare my comfort food. And although we won't tell you why our pizzas are worth driving three hours for, we'll be glad to share other tasty morsels. Have you ever tried fried chicken, a squeeze of lemon, and chocolate milk for lunch? It's really, really good. (Think fries and a chocolate shake.) Bon appétit!

The name Whip & Grind came to life because, like you, we whip things up and grind. Coffee beans, pepper, spices, and soufflés at 2 a.m.

We believe in sustainability, kindness to the environment, and supporting our local farmers by buying locally.


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ring > 415 873 3873

Whip & Grind what?

Whip & Grind is about sustenance and feeding the senses—dressed liberally with culinary musings.

Happy action. Right this way.

Under the Hood

This site runs on Textpattern, Media Temple, Peet's coffee, love, and homemade ice cream.

Contact Us

The best way to reach us is through e-mail at: . If you don't hear from us immediately, please give us another shout. As we're probably not far away. If we are, it's because we're doing something fun like like sampling truffles for a party or discovering what's hot in chocolate. Please go forth and whip up something good!

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