Life Before and After Cell Phones

December 6, 2012

This is a Comic!
  • Niels

    Those were the days :(

    • Dan

      No one is forcing you to use a cell phone.

      • Kris10

        But you can’t stop the rest of the world from using theirs…

        • Marvin Gonzalez

          you can choose your friends.

          • Belvizzle Mcshizzle

            can you really though?

          • Notyourfriend


          • Alsonothisfriend

            Upvote for usrname!

          • Max Hollenbeck

            but you can’t choose your enemies

          • Jason 龍啤 Williams

            yes you can. i chose Megatron.

          • plastic_surgeon_humor

            but you cant choose your nose

          • Sordatos Cáceres

            And be outside the loop for eternity because everybody communicates through computers and phones…

      • Fartface

        Well that was an unintelligent response.

        If cultural behavior has shifted as a result of the introduction of phones, then in what way refusing to engage in that behavior going to culturally shift everyone else back to the by-gone ways and days? Self isolationism is no solution.

        • What Would Saracen Do?

          Very insightful comment from Fartface.

          • Nom

            While it is an insightful comment, adding “from Fartface” has given me such a fit of the giggles.

          • Swati

            That’s the joke

      • hitler

        Thats false, socity force us. I know there is some exeption ( I don’t have a phone) but I can understend that most of ppl want a phone and that its a must for them, its called physcologie, something that American don’t really belive in

        • derp

          how insighte-full

        • Inti

          Of course you don’t have a phone, you’re Hitler.

        • joyeg8r

          Too many grammatical errors. Head going to explode!!!

      • JEFF

        SHUT UP

      • Kostyantyn Myroshnychenko

        But how do I entertain myself on the throne of contemplation?

      • guhhhhhh

        except for most of society…

      • Anono

        nobody is forcing you to ride in a car either, just try taking your horse and buggy across LA to get to work. Technology makes things cheaper and more convenient, but not usually better, ever looked at old tin-type photos? You can’t tell me iphone snapshots look nicer. The world is shaped, and we usually have to keep up if we want to remain economically viable. It’s nearly impossible not to have a cellphone if you want to have a job.

    • Matt DiTrolio

      Meh, not really. :)

    • Brian Kay

      They still the same for me. I’m off the grid. 2 years now. I love it. Got a land line and that’s it.

      • will

        land line and that’s it. nothing more. off the grid. isolated from trends of society. (well, except for the internet connection i use to tell everybody else on the internet how awesome it is that i am off the grid)

  • Jack Freeman

    Entirely too bloody true. A riot.

  • bmnnoboz

    The last two really sting so bad.

  • Franz B

    I used to bring a book when I expected long waits. Now I just read the books on my phone. It’s an improvement.

  • ace2203

    fun fact: before cell phones people were not late

    • raltyinferno

      Hahahahahaha, that’s total BS, people were late all the time, people just tended to wait for them longer and be more patient.

      • IDidNotSeeThatComing


    • st33d

      Bollocks. You just ditched that bitch. No one had any patience for anyone that would fuck you around before cell phones. You just stopped being friends with the asshat.

      Now there’s this lingering opportunity for them not to be a total fucking waste of space. Cell phones have ushered in an unnecessary amount of tolerance in social bullshittery. Not a fan.

      • wingsofamonarch

        You’re British, aren’t you.

        • trxr

          “Asshat” vs “bollocks”. British/Commonwealth or US/Canadian? So hard to tell!

  • sinep

    I’m actually in that last panel right now. I’m the guy on the right.

  • Kevin Norris

    Excellent. Except the waiting part. I think people have a memory block at how weird and uncomfortable it was to wait around with nothing to do surrounded by people who are obviously more interesting and popular than you… wait… was that just me?

    Nevermind. :/

  • Hi_Man2.0


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  • Tom Streetman

    my cellphone number is on this comic…. O.O

    • Angela


  • Alphonse

    Before cell phones millions of Africans lived in destitution. Now, with micro-financing and the ability to communicate, they are lifting themselves out of a huge hole. The paradigm has shifted and anyone resisting it, is only leaving themselves WAY behind,

  • 57YearOldPedo

    Well, i’m glad i’m a kid too young to have experienced life without cell phones… i have so much trouble remembering numbers >_<

  • Gerry

    You don’t have to be like that and hang around people who are like that. Control the situation yourself and your own habits and life will continue to be great. You will also stand out from the crowd for being more engaged in real life, more aware of your surroundings, better memory skills and much more self assured. Very attractive qualities that lead to so many more positive opportunities.

  • Antonia Maestre

    Debe haber un restuarante en el que tengas que dejar tu celular en la entrada para poder sentarte. Así TIENES que hablar con la gente en tu mesa.

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