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This is my non technical weblog about the IT world and its trends... Internet, mobility, business, marketing, web, accessibility...

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 Facebook vs Google on social advertising

 12:08:00 am, by Francois Planque  , Categories: Web media, Marketing

I’ve been explaining this to people over and over again and I reached the point where I just want to point them to a web page to read through before we can talk some more about it :p

So here it is, in a nutshell, the whole deal about Google and Facebook competing to hire the best engineers and develop the ultimate social network. This is also the deal about Google Buzz, Google Wave and Google whatever other products they pimp these days… including personalized search and maps.

What Facebook and Google want, is to get as much personal information as they can to better profile you as a consumer.

Ideally, they’ll try to do that by looking good. For example: they don’t really push you to volunteer info about your age, place of residence, etc. Instead they merely let you share your thoughts about getting married, or going on vacation, or buying a new car, or considering a new diet, or what not with your friends… but don’t kid yourself, all these status updates, they are basically strings of very meaningful keywords… and they are being analyzed! Right Now!

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Tags: ads, facebook, google, profiling, social networks, targetting
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 Things to finally offer cloud based sync

 02:07:00 pm, by Francois Planque  , Categories: Productivity

Things on the Mac is my favorite GTD style to-do list manager. Their major drawback though, was lack of decent sync between multiple devices.

Well, they finally acknowledged the issue and promise cloud based sync to be available in a few months.

In the meantime, I move the Things DB to dropbox (launch the app while holding down the ALT key to do this). This at least lets me open the DB from different computers. But it can’t handle concurrent edits, so be careful what you do! :p

Regarding iPhone & iPad, you gotta manually launch the app over & over again while on the same WiFi network for your stuff to sync… can’t wait for this to end!!

Tags: cloud, gtd, mac, software, sync
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 15 minutes with iPad: too heavy!

 08:25:00 pm, by Francois Planque  , Categories: Mobile & wireless

I was at a conference in Amsterdam last week and although we don’t have the iPads in Europe yey, I had the opportunity to play for 15 minutes with an iPad brought by a US attendee.

My first impression was: it’s really nicely designed, extremely intuitive and responsive. I gotta get one. I also loved the little switch to lock the orientation. Super useful for reading while lying on your side in bed! (Unlike on the iPhone)

However, after a few minutes I started to realize that a) I don’t quite know how to hold that thing (whether with or without the Apple carrying case) and b) it’s getting damn heavy if you hold it in your hand. Those impression were shared by the owner as well as the other people who played with it.

I believe this is going to limit how much you actually want to use that device in different situations. I think it’s actually very impractical to use when you don’t sit down. Also, I believe Apple should actually drop the stupid glass screens: they’re heavy and the glare is just annoying!

Anyways, until then it looks like the Apple product segmentation goes like this:

  • If you’re standing, use your iPhone
  • If you’re sitting in an armchair, couch or other laid back situation, use your iPad
  • If you’re sitting at a table, use your MacBook
  • If you’re sitting at your workdesk, use your iMac or Mac Pro

Ah yes, also:

  • If you want to watch something on your TV, use your Apple TV or better yet: Mac Mini.
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 Make your mouse faster on Mac OS X

 02:47:38 am, by Francois Planque  , Categories: Apple

There’s 2 problems to mouse speed:

  • The acceleration curve of the mouse mouvement which I’ve talked about before
  • maximum mouvement speed

The maximum speed can be set through the System preferences panel, but even when the slider is all the way to the right, the speed may be too slow… especially if you line up 3 monitors side by side.

You can get faster speeds through the Applications > Utilities > Terminal. To see the current setting, type in this:

defaults read -g com.apple.mouse.scaling

To make the mouse faster, set a different value, for example:

defaults write -g com.apple.mouse.scaling 6

Tags: acceleration, mac os x, mouse, speed
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 Web evolution: make your posts shorter!

 06:20:10 pm, by Francois Planque  , Categories: Blog media

Do you remember the days where you'd carefully read through everything your RSS aggregator collected for you? Do you still do that? Do you even open your RSS aggregator? Do you even use one?

Chances are you're using twitter by now. 140 characters max per tweet. And you don't even read them all! You just skim through them.

Way too much information of course.

And yet, many people still write incredibly long blog posts with fancy writing & diluted content. Even bloggers who tweet their posts to twitter. They should know better... I don't want to point at anyone in particular; just click on the averag elink in twitter and see if you want to read all that text...

I'm willing to bet that 95+% of the people who click through from twitter to a blog post do not read that post in its entirety. We have to make those posts shorter!

Tags: blog, rss, twitter, writing
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