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BANDS. MUSIC MAKERS. LABELS. DJs. You're in the right place.

  • We give you a FREE MERCH shop.
  • You simply upload your design and create your products.
  • We make your merch on-demand, and send direct to your fans.
  • You just let them know where to buy.
  • We send you money (25% of retail, to be exact).

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What's the catch?

No catch. We take care of all the hard work, all you need is a logo for your act. It will never cost you anything. You'll never have any XXLs left over, you'll never be stuck with merch you can't sell.

Cold hard facts:

You get 25% of retail on EVERY purchase - that's a massive £6.25 if you sell a hoodie, £3.75 on every t-shirt. ($10 and $5 if the sale is in the USA). Sell just 135 shirts and that's over £500 in your pocket for no outlay.

We only use the best quality shirts and our prints are top notch. We care about the relationship you have with your fans and we look after them with great customer service.

Let's get real.

Yes, we know you can make a bigger margin if you order in bulk and drag your merch out on tour with you. But you have to find the cash upfront, you take a risk, and you could find out your fans don't like that hot pink shirt you designed. But, if you want, you can still do that too. We're not jealous. Plenty of artists do both, using our service to sell to their fans in other countries, when they're busy recording, or to test out new designs, all the time finding money coming into their account.

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  • Free URL at
  • Free embed code with endless customisation for your website.
  • Attach MP3s to your merch - give away exclusives with every purchase. We host them for free.
  • Free facebook shop - sell direct from your fan page.
  • Bi-monthly payment via paypal.

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This is what people using our service think:

“Great quality shirts and printing is awesome 'tour-shirt quality'. Great idea and service - just what a band on a low-budget is looking for. Thanks a lot guys.” Steve Wylde

“Very quick turnaround, great quality on the garments and Print...” Mark Plews, Global DJ Network

“Great quality t-shirts n prints and great price.” Nick Rawlings, Jungle Syndicate

““We use Dizzyjam for our tees even though they're not in Newport, so they must be alright I suppose.” Goldie Lookin' Chain

“Absolutely splendid site! It's so easy to use.” Jean Jacques Smoothie


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