Integrated Science Program (ISP)

  • Population trends: Another influence on climate change

    By mid-century it is estimated that global population could rise by more than three billion people, with most of that increase occurring in urban areas.

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  • Connecting Supercomputers and Human Needs

    Andrew Monaghan used to spend his time analyzing mathematical models of climate change in Antarctica, working on some of the world’s most powerful supercomputers. Now the NCAR scientist sits down with traditional healers in remote villages in Uganda, a world so far removed from supercomputers that there is often no electricity or piped water.

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  • Field Program in Africa: the Cost of Illness

    In 2010 we continued to build our local partnerships in Ghana, undertook a site visit to field test a survey on knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) and cost of illness (COI) regarding meningitis in the Navrongo region of Ghana which will be conducted in early 2010 and 2011.

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  • NCAR coral expert wins prestigious Heinz Award

    Joan Kleypas, a marine ecologist and geologist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) who has conducted pioneering research into the effects of climate change on coral reefs, this week was named a recipient of the prestigious Heinz Award.

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  • Weather, Climate and Society

        Hurricane Ike approaches the upper Texas coast.  As Ike approached, threatening to bring a potentially catastrophic storm surge, the Houston-area National Weather Service office issued a statement that warned of "certain death” for those who didn’t evacuate some areas. 

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  • In Depth: Winter Weather stories

    Winter Weather research stories from around NCAR:
    The October snow blitz: What made "Snowtober" so unusual?
    Where snow is born: getting on top of winter storms.
    Predicitng snow in the Anchorage Bowl.
    Winter Driving: where the rubber meets the road.

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  • Agriculture and Climate: Connecting the Science

    With U.S. agriculture taking a massive hit from the widespread drought of 2012, farmers and other stakeholders are hungry for guidance on how crops may fare as the nation’s climate evolves over the coming decades. This year’s National Climate Assessment (NCA) includes new findings on agriculture and climate change—key science that draws from a longstanding collaboration between NCAR and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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ISP Home

The NCAR Integrated Science Program (ISP) is focused on interdisciplinary research that cuts across the NCAR Laboratories and other research institutions.

ISP’s overarching goal is to develop the scientific understanding needed to manage and adapt to climate change, weather, and chemical weather through research that integrates the atmospheric sciences with social, ecological, health, hydrological, and other relevant sciences.

ISP Annual Report 2012

Main Activities

  • Development of scientific projects. ISP has 3 ongoing projects and 2 new projects that are just getting started. 3 mature projects have been transferred to NCAR laboratories for ongoing implementation.

  • Sponsorship and organization of colloquia and workshops. ISP helped sponsor several workshops and a colloquium in FY10, and is sponsoring a large colloquium and several more workshops in FY11.

  • Support of scientific visitors, graduate and postgraduate researchers, and postdoctoral fellows. In FY11, ISP is supporting 3 graduate assistant researchers and 2 postgraduate research scientists, and is working with lab partners, sponsors, and ASP to support 4 postdoctoral fellows. is neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its contents. This is a safe-cache copy of the original web site.