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Featured News

March edition of the EGU newsletter, GeoQ, now published!

Don’t miss the Articles section, the letter from the EGU Awards Committee Chair Alberto Montanari in EGU Voice, and a very interesting Education article featuring micropalaeontology activities for the classroom. The pieces in the External News section are also of mention: one introduces the Future Earth initiative and the other a science policy programme from the other side of the Atlantic. [ Read more ]

Press Release: Unprecedented glacier melting in the Andes blamed on climate change

Glaciers in the tropical Andes have been retreating at increasing rate since the 1970s, scientists write in the most comprehensive review to date of Andean glacier observations. The researchers blame the melting on rising temperatures as the region has warmed about 0.7°C over the past 50 years (1950-1994). This unprecedented retreat could affect water supply to Andean populations in the near future. These conclusions are published today in The Cryosphere, an Open Access journal of the European Geosciences Union (EGU). [ Read more ]

Press Release: Kate Ravilious and Liz Kalaugher awarded EGU Science Journalism Fellowship

The European Geosciences Union (EGU) has named journalists Kate Ravilious and Liz Kalaugher as the winners of its second Science Journalism Fellowship for projects on reporting continental earthquakes and climate-change effects on ecosystems, respectively. [ Read more ]

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Job opportunity at the EGU Executive Office: Educational Fellow

We intend to appoint a Fellow to expand the Union’s educational programme with activities that are targeted directly at school students. These activities will complement our current efforts, such as the Geosciences Information for Teachers workshop (GIFT), which are aimed primarily at teachers. The Fellow will further assist our Education Committee with an EGU-UNESCO collaboration intended to expand GIFT to Africa. [ Read more ]

Out now: special edition of GeoQ dedicated to the 10 years of EGU!

The December issue of the EGU’s quarterly newsletter is now published online. This special edition of GeoQ celebrates a major milestone in the Union’s history, its 10th anniversary, by telling its story and showing a glimpse into its future. This issue further sheds light on the EGU’s unique relationship with conference-organiser and publisher Copernicus, and on the workings of our Munich office. [ Read more ]

Results of the EGU Autumn 2012 elections

The EGU election for the next Treasurer and Division Presidents closed on 01 December. The results are now available on the Elections page of this website. The EGU is thankful to all those who used their voting right. Active participation in elections ensures continuation of the well-established bottom-up structure of our Union! [ Read more ]

Applying for financial support to attend the General Assembly

A limited amount of the overall budget of the EGU General Assembly is reserved to assist young scientists who wish to present at the meeting. Scientists who wish to apply for financial support should submit an abstract, on which they are first authors, by 30 November 2012. [ Read more ]

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Journal Watch

A generalized Damköhler number for classifying material processing in hydrological systems

Assessing the potential for transfer of pollutants and nutrients across catchments is of primary importance under changing land use and climate. This paper focuses on the dynamic balance between transport and material transformation, and defines material connectivity as the effective transfer of material between elements of the hydrological cycle. [ Read more ]

Estimating the Greenland ice sheet surface mass balance contribution to future sea level rise using the regional atmospheric climate model MAR

To estimate the sea level rise originating from changes in surface mass balance of the Greenland ice sheet, we present 21st century climate projections obtained with the regional climate model MAR (Modèle Atmosphérique Régional), forced by output of three CMIP5 (Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 5) general circulation models. [ Read more ]

The Geminid meteor shower during the ECOMA sounding rocket campaign: specular and head echo radar observations

The ECOMA (Existence of Charge state Of meteoric smoke particles in the Middle Atmosphere) sounding rocket campaign was conducted during the Geminid meteor shower in December 2010 in order to explore whether there is a change of the properties of meteoric smoke particles due to the stream. [ Read more ]

Quantifying the uncertainty in simulating global tropospheric composition due to the variability in global emission estimates of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds

In this study we examine the contribution of biogenic volatile organic compounds towards global tropospheric composition using the global 3-D chemistry transport model TM5 and the recently developed modified CB05 chemical mechanism. [ Read more ]


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The non-profit European Geosciences Union (EGU) is Europe's premier union of geoscientists. It has a General Assembly that attracts over 11,000 scientists each year, a diverse portfolio of Open Access journals, a number of thematic meetings, and outreach and education activities. It also honours scientists with a number of awards and medals.

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