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Digital Video and HD, 2nd Edition: Algorithms and Interfaces
Copyright 2012
Understanding Motion Capture for Computer Animation, 2nd Edition
Copyright 2011
High Dynamic Range Imaging
Acquisition, Display, and Image-Based Lighting, 2nd Edition
Reinhard, Heidrich, Debevec, Pattanaik, Ward & Myszkowski
Copyright 2010
Author Title Copyright
Poynton Digital Video and HD, 2nd Edition: Algorithms and Interfaces 2012
Menache Understanding Motion Capture for Computer Animation, 2nd Edition 2011
Parent Computer Animation Complete: All-in-One: Learn Motion Capture, Characteristic, Point-Based, and Maya Winning Techniques 2010
Pharr Physically Based Rendering, 2nd Edition: From Theory To Implementation 2010
Baranoski & Krishnaswamy Light & Skin Interactions: Simulations for Computer Graphics Applications 2010
Reinhard, Heidrich, Debevec, Pattanaik, Ward & Myszkowski High Dynamic Range Imaging, 2nd Edition: Acquisition, Display, and Image-Based Lighting 2010
Steed & Oliveira Networked Graphics: Building Networked Games and Virtual Environments 2009
Craig, Sherman & Will Developing Virtual Reality Applications: Foundations of Effective Design 2009
Parent Computer Animation, 2nd Edition: Algorithms and Techniques 2008
Velho, Carvalho, Gomes & de Figueiredo Mathematical Optimization in Computer Graphics and Vision 2008
Dorsey, Rushmeier & Sillion Digital Modeling of Material Appearance 2008
Brinkmann The Art and Science of Digital Compositing, 2nd Edition: Techniques for Visual Effects, Animation and Motion Graphics 2008
Shiffman Learning Processing 2.0: A Beginner’s Guide to the Open Source Programming Language 2008
Pulli, Aarnio, Miettinen, Roimela & Vaarala Mobile 3D Graphics: with OpenGL ES and M3G 2008
Sharpe, Lumsden & Woolridge In Silico: 3D Animation and Simulation of Cell Biology with Maya and MEL 2007
Preim & Bartz Visualization in Medicine: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications 2007
Gross & Pfister Point-Based Graphics 2007
Brutzman & Daly X3D: Extensible 3D Graphics for Web Authors 2007
Dorst, Fontijne & Mann Geometric Algebra for Computer Science (Revised Edition): An Object-Oriented Approach to Geometry 2007
Hanson Visualizing Quaternions 2006
Samet Foundations of Multidimensional and Metric Data Structures 2006
Gelphman & Laden Programming with Quartz: 2D and PDF Graphics in Mac OS X 2006
Gould Complete Maya Programming Volume II: An In-depth Guide to 3D Fundamentals, Geometry, and Modeling 2005
Wilkins & Kazmier MEL Scripting for Maya Animators, 2nd Edition 2005
McReynolds & Blythe Advanced Graphics Programming Using OpenGL 2005
Klette & Rosenfeld Digital Geometry: Geometric Methods for Digital Picture Analysis 2004
Schneider & Eberly Geometric Tools for Computer Graphics 2003
Gould Complete Maya Programming: An Extensive Guide to MEL and C++ API 2003
Ebert, Musgrave, Peachey, Perlin & Worley Texturing and Modeling, 3rd Edition: A Procedural Approach 2003
Fosner Real-Time Shader Programming 2003
Blinn Jim Blinn’s Corner: Notation, Notation, Notation 2003
Sherman & Craig Understanding Virtual Reality: Interface, Application, and Design 2003
Goldman Pyramid Algorithms: A Dynamic Programming Approach to Curves and Surfaces for Geometric Modeling 2003
Farin Curves and Surfaces for CAGD, 5th Edition: A Practical Guide 2002
Strothotte & Schlechtweg Non-Photorealistic Computer Graphics: Modeling, Rendering, and Animation 2002
Poynton Digital Video and HDTV: Algorithms and Interfaces 2002
Rogers An Introduction to NURBS: With Historical Perspective 2001
Goulekas Visual Effects in A Digital World: A Comprehensive Glossary of over 7000 Visual Effects Terms 2001
Manoilov,Manoilov & Delijska Elsevier’s Dictionary of Computer Graphics: In English, German, French and Russian 2000
Apodaca & Gritz Advanced RenderMan: Creating CGI for Motion Pictures 2000
Architecture Committee Alpha Architecture Reference Manual, 3rd Edition 1998
Blinn Jim Blinn’s Corner: A Trip Down the Graphics Pipeline 1996
Paeth Graphics Gems V (IBM Version): 1995
Barzel & Barr Physically-Based Modeling for Computer Graphics: A Structured Approach 1992
Badler,Barsky & Zeltzer Making Them Move: Mechanics, Control & Animation of Articulated Figures 1990
Glassner An Introduction to Ray tracing 1989
Bartels,Beatty & Barsky An Introduction to Splines for Use in Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling 1987
Young Handbook of Pattern Recognition and Image Processing 1986
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