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Huge Ass In Skin Tight Skirt

Monday 17 December 2012

When I saw these photos of chubby babe Lisa Canon in a super tight skirt and low cut blouse I was immediately reminded of a BBW receptionist I was lucky enough to work with some years back. She was full figured and seemed to only wear clothes that were either super tight or revealing… On a good day both! Needless to say I was at work on time every damn day haha. I don’t think I had a single sick day while this sexy secretary worked there lol.

In this scene Lisa has teased one too many pricks at work and finally the fat tease gets what’s coming to her. Her male co-worker slips in behind her. His hardening cock presses against her fat ass as he reaches around her considerable girth and unhooks her massive bra. A tsunami of tit meat springs free the second they are released. He grabs them quickly though and is soon playfully sucking on the hot BBW’s queen size breasts.

As good as her boobs are it’s Lisa’s incredible fat ass that keeps me coming back for more. Once she peeled her tight business skirt off I forgot all about those milkers and couldn’t take my eyes off of her thick thighs and that massive booty!

See more of this big butt BBW at XL Girls. They have more fat chicks with booty than you can shake a cock at!

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Self Shot Chubby Girls

Thursday 30 August 2012

If you are like me and love seeing ordinary amateur girls in revealing photos then todays post is for you. I have been spending a lot of time going through the massive collection of self shot chubby girls at My BBW GF. Most of these pics are from the girls Facebook profiles or Twitter and various other social media sites.

Chicks these days just love slutting it up and showing off their bodies in revealing outfits – God bless them! These two girls are a prime example. The first is some guys girlfriend who urged him to snap a pic of her fat butt in lingerie. He thankfully decided to share it with the internet. She no doubt got turned on by this.

The other shot is a personal favorite of a really cute chubby teen with enormous boobs! She is looking deadly in this low cute dress with all that cleavage on show. She snapped a pic with her phone and uploaded it to Facebook bless her.

See more self shot girlfriends at My BBW GF. Sign up and you will also get free bonus access to the entire GF Network range of sites too!

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Gorgeous Blonde Bombshell With A Big Donk

Wednesday 2 May 2012

I will grant this sexy blonde haired BBW special reserve seating on my face any time. How would you like to be immersed in all of that soft vanilla pudding? I am getting hard just thinking about that! I knew I must see the video so I quickly downloaded it from Bootylicious and fired it up on my TV for full effect… nothing like seeing a big fat ass bouncing around on a dick on a 60″ tele!

So check out these previews from the episode and if you want to see more of Klaudia Kelly then be sure to visit Bootylicious to get the full ep plus loads more of their bottom heavy babes. When it comes to ass these guys know their shit.

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Plumpers With Fat Booty

Saturday 10 December 2011

I know some guys here like the bigger women and when it comes to ass their attitude is ‘the bigger the better’. I have to admit to liking plus sized girls provided of course they have a nice shaped big ass and not some disgusting sloppy mess. The three chicks in these pictures are what I am talking about when it comes to fat booty i like.

Fat little Spanish cutie karla lane has my favorite type of BBW butt. Just look at that fat juicy bottom in her skimpy little panties. I want to bite it!

This busty BBW has also got plenty of ass fat too and unlike 99% of the female population is not trying to hide it. She likes to let it all hangout of some cutoff denim short shorts. If I got behind that on the street I would follow it till she called the cops haha!

Last but certainly not least we have a mega buxom blonde teen plumper. This gorgeous chubby blonde is just about perfect. I think I’d make a mess of my shorts if I saw her in that tiny thong bikini at my local beach.

Do you like plump women with big butts like these chicks? There are hundreds of them waiting for you at XL Girls!

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Big Butt BBW Analee Sands

Saturday 20 August 2011

Gorgeous curvy big girl Analee Sands reminds me of a girl I used to work with quite a few years ago. She was a cute fatty with a very large butt and big tits too. I would look forward to coming to work while she was there just to see what sort of tight pants she would be wearing. She seemed to favor tights which I loved seeing her lovely fat booty in. I’d love to position myself behind her whenever I could and just get a nice eyeful of her fat juicy rump wobbling around whenever she moved.

Other guys around work made the odd joke about the fat chick and her ‘disgusting big ass’. Not me though. I wanted to bend this sexy BBW over my desk and have my way with that giant backside. Many a hot wank session ended with me nailing that ass.

These pictures are a mere portion of the full episode. See it in full at XL Girls along with hundreds more plus sized women. They are picky when it comes to models too so you will not find any ugly or sloppy women here – just hot BBWs with plenty of T and A.

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Fat Ghetto Girl Bends Over

Sunday 15 May 2011

Okay so this bitch isn’t going to win any beauty pageants but there is something about her that makes my cock hard. Hmmm what could it be? Oh I don’t know… maybe it’s that big juicy fat ass!! Indeed this shawty is packing plenty of meat on that behind. When she bends over her little shorts ride up and gives us a nice view of her cheeks.

This fatty has some big old titties too and she likes to show them off. She unclaps her bra and lets them out to play. As much I liked seeing those tatas my eyes kept going back to that fat brown ass. I wanted to see it out of her panties. Finally she slipped them off and then bent right over pushing that mega butt out. All I could think of was how much I wanted to stick my cock between those inviting round mounds and nailing her while she bent over that chair.

You can see more of Ms Red and hundreds more chubby black amateurs at Black Mama. They have some pure ghetto girls with king sized donks.

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Mega Butt Black BBW

Saturday 19 February 2011

Man this dumpy little black BBW has got some serious ass on her. She is a real pear shape which is to say small up top and then big around the bottom. I really got off watching her in this series she did with Black Mama. They know how to film girls shaped like her and if you like fatties then I think you will like this free gallery from the shoot.

Watching her parade around in skimpy swimsuits and that tiny skirt was huge turn on. The skirt in particular was sexy as it barely covered her fat butt cakes or those immense thighs when she walked. Then a nice bend over revealed that gigantic butt bulging out of a little g-string.

She gets totally naked too and then plays with her chubby pussy too. See the full episode only at Black Mama along with hundreds more amateur African and African-American plus sized women.

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Fat Juicy Butts Squashing Your Face

Monday 29 November 2010

Some chicks just have the type of fat juicy butt I wanna have parked on my face. A chubby babe like Bella you see here is a prime example of a girl who I would give special reserve seating to any day of the week. Her ass is big and thick and it looks as soft as pillows. Having her lower those plump buns directly onto my face would be heaven.

The lucky son of a bitch in these pictures is living my dream! First Bella strips down to only her skimpy panties and corset and then straddles his head. She drops her creamy white ass fat on to him slowly. He begs her to peel the panties off next which she does and then she really lets him have it. Her asshole gets pressed right into his mouth. He eats out her fat pussy and licks her asshole while she humps his face.

Like this stuff? Then visit Facesitting Fatties to see more big butt BBWs. Note that full members also get free access to the All BBW Porn too when they join.

Join now from just $1!

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Hot Webcam BBWs

Monday 4 October 2010

For a short while I was very into wasting hours on Chat Roulette… like millions of others. It didn’t take long for it to get ruined by idiots with their dick in hand which scared off all the females. I don’t waste time on their anymore and it forced me to look at alternatives. It was then that I found a really awesome cam site that contains some of the sexiest plus sized women I have ever seen. It’s called All BBW Cams and there are loads of very hot big girls of all shape, size and age.

Being an ass man through and through I quickly browsed their models profile pages looking for some that had a nice big fat ass. Well, I can happily report, there were lots that ticked this box. Check out these two for an example! I really got off on when I had a steamy chat with the mature BBW above. She has an incredible cellulite dimpled butt and you better believe I had her back that big ass up to the screen so I could get a good look at it. I also chatted with a really cute blonde with a plump round ass and model good looks.

You can get your free membership at All BBW Cams. This allows you to chat with some of the girls as well as look at their profiles and photos. If and when you want to upgrade you can simply buy tokens and get that real one on one service. As for me I can’t wait to get back on there tonight!

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Old Blond With A Fat Bum

Saturday 14 August 2010

While most women this ladies age seem to do their utmost to hide their fat bum she doesn’t care at all. This is why I love European women so much.. they just let it all hang out, so to speak heehee. Go to most beaches in Europe and you will see loads of mature fat women in revealing swimsuits. It’s a real change from the US and other more up tight and overly body conscious countries I can assure you.

Anyway, this old blond woman has got a nice big meaty bottom on her and she loves showing it off. She decided to do this photo shoot with Mature NL when she found out men the world over were going to be looking at her. It made the middle aged housewife horny as hell thinking about anonymous guys jerking off to her.

There are more pictures of this big amateur at Mature NL along with hundreds more sexy older ladies that like to play. Become a member of their site and see hundreds of thousands of HQ photos and hundreds of their exclusive mature porn videos.

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