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Did Suge Knight put the hit out on Tupac? Learn appalling never-before-published facts on this evolving theory based on confidential insider testimony! What would Tupac tell us if he was here? What conspiracy would Jesus expose? These are some of the thoughts that run through the minds of many aspiring stars at dancer's open calls as the roll is being called and newcomers are signing in. Dancer's open calls are a popular place to daydream and speculate on world affairs, as we spend about four hours waiting for about twenty minutes of audition time.

Dancer's open calls are a staple of the Hollywood performers' diet, and it is much the same for dancers in New York, Paris, Chicago, and Monte Carlo. Dancer's open calls can be a lot of fun, but they do require a lot of patience, which sometimes can be harder to come by than dance skills. We can train ourselves to be good dancers, but it is very difficult to train a person to be patient.

For some, dancer's open calls are only a distant dream for the moment, because of family obligations, commitments to a regular source of employment they were originally hoping to merely use to support themselves while pursuing their dancing dreams and attending dancer's open calls every other week, or desire to complete a higher education.

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