Department of Engineering

Departmental IT Service Provision

How to:

  • Contact the IT Helpdesk
  • Open an Account
  • Extend your Account
  • Close your Account
  • Change your password
  • Get more disk space
  • Find your PIN
  • Restore a lost file
  • Set a vacation e-mail message
  • Set mail forwarding
  • Get Connected to the Network
  • Put files on the WWW
  • Get the online info about you updated
  • Printing
  • Network Printing NOT involving uniflow
  • 4th year project printing
  • Use Facilities in the IT Helpdesk office
  • Use of IT facilities by conferences/workshops


 Sources of information:

  • Help System
  • FAQFrequently asked questions
  • Helpdesk Top Tips
  • DPO Etiquette
  • System Announcements news on scheduled downtime, updates, etc

 Read introductions

  •   Welcome page
  •   Introduction to the Teaching System
  •   Introduction to E-mail
  •   Introduction to the WWW

 Contacting IT staff

For queries about IT Services in the Department see either:

  • List of Computing contacts
  • IT Services Division home page.

See also:


  • Rules
  • Security
  • Netiquette
  • Software Licencing


  • IT Helpdesk hours
  • Facilities in the IT Helpdesk office
  • IT use by conferences/workshops


  • The computing help system
  • CUED
  • University
  • World

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