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Welcome to our Support Center. Providing around the clock support has been a goal for FreeForums.org since the start. If you are in need of assistance please use the methods below to contact us.

Forum support

Technical questions and help with managing your forum.

Knowledge Base

Helpful articles and frequently asked questions

Recovery Console

Restore tools for forum administrators.

DMCA Requests

How to submit your DMCA and copyright takedown requests.

Advertising Information

Find out how to advertise on the FreeForums.org network

Billing Inquiries

Questions about charges and payments

Abuse Reports

Report abuse associated with a Freeforums.org site.

Law Enforcement

Requests from law enforcement personnel.

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"Thanks to Free Forums, my idea is no longer an idea. What I have thought up is now open to the public, and people, if only a few people, are enjoying it. I couldn't have pulled it off without a clean site to host it your free forums are just want I needed"

- Nathan A.

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