The Easiest Way to Manage a Distributed Team

Get a free StandUp space today to increase your team's productivity

  1. Invite your team members to the project's StandUp workspace

  2. Every day or on defined days, ask the team to file a StandUp report that has three simple fields:

    • What I did in the last day / week
    • What I will do today / this week
    • Do you have roadblocks or questions?
  3. At-a-glance, managers and team members can see who did what,
    who is working on what, and who has "needs"

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Create a Free StandUp Space (For Managing a Single Project or Team)

  • Control access to who can create and edit reports
  • Browse reports quickly with pop-open panels
  • Review past commitments with the calendar view
  • Track absent team members with "away" statuses
Create a Free StandUp Space

5 Reasons to Use StandUp/Scrum Reports

  1. A simple one-minute form reduces time spent emailing, chatting or in meetings.
  2. See what all team members are working on from one page.
  3. Keep your team focused: After reading through the reports, you will see if team members are working on the most important tasks.
  4. Resolve problems quickly: Roadblocks show with a bright red "needs" sign.
  5. It increases productivity: Studies show that the act of writing down a goal makes the writer more likely to achieve it.


Assembla's StandUp/Scrum tool helps us coordinate the activities of team members on three continents. A regular, light-weight report of tasks and problems makes a huge difference in our forward progress, and Assembla's tool fits the bill perfectly.

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