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About HensTooth Discs(tm)

HensTooth Discs(tm) is a small company located in Peterborough, New Hampshire, USA. We built our own punch-machine which is capable of producing discs for many varieties of music boxes. Currently, we are punching Stella 15.5" discs, Thorens 11" and 4.5" discs, Discs for Mr, Christmas/Crosley Music Boxes (both 4.75" Metal and 7" Plastic Discs), as well as various size Regina/Polyphon discs. We are adding to our capabilities constantly, so email us with your questions.

We specialize in custom-produced discs, as well as transfers of antique discs (i.e., Regina to Stella).

Another 'exclusive' offered by HensTooth Discs is 'EQUAL-TINED'(tm) disc punching. Click HERE for a detailed explanation.

We can be reached by email, or you can write us at:
Henstooth Discs PO Box 12 Peterborough NH 03458

A Personal History

Over 35 years ago, having taken a leave of absence from Medical School, and while working as an itinerant musician traveling 'round New England playing traditional fiddle music, a friend asked me over dinner, 'What would you like to be doing, if you had completely free choice?' I answered without hesitation that I'd like to be putting traditional music onto music boxes.

I was surprised at my answer, as it had not occured to me until that moment. At the time, I had very little knowledge of music boxes. To shorten the story, less than 24 hours later, I had a job arranging 'Lara's Theme' for a Porter Music Box Company 15.5" Regina disc.

Since then, I have been responsible for the music on several hundred discs of 'new music' sold by the Porter Music Box Company of Randolph Vermont, USA.

In the 1970's, and under special arrangement with Porter Music Box Company, I produced a series of discs consisting of traditional dance music, mostly from the British Isles, and representing a type of music that had very little chance of finding its way onto music box discs otherwise. You can find out more about these discs by clicking HERE.

More recently, I have worked with Icelandic singer Bjork on a series of discs used on her recent CD Vespertine.

Jack Perron



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