Point-to-Point Power Links

Sensors and other electronics require a constant supply of energy, or an intermittent supply to recharge batteries, but it can be expensive or impractical to run electrical wiring to their location. ┬áLaserMotive’s Point-to-Point (P2P) Power Link will be a ground-based version of our long-range laser power link technology, providing power to remote devices without the need for wires.

Perimeter sensors for military bases, field units, or oil fields can benefit from the P2P Power Link, by eliminating the need to run expensive copper wires over long distances or to send personnel out into dangerous areas to swap batteries.

Field units or temporary bases will be able to receive electrical power via the P2P Power Link, eliminating the need to truck fuel through dangerous locations.

Communication relay towers will be deployable on remote mountaintops and powered by the P2P Power Link without needing a logistically difficult power supply line.

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