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PotterCast 208: Grim Grinning Hosts

Nov 01, 2009

Posted by EdwardTLC
  • PotterCast

The spookiness of tonight continues, for the PotterCasters are here to bring you the Halloween edition of PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast. In the 208th episode, Sue gives us news on the Boston, MA leg of the Harry Potter Exhibition, an interview with actor Matt Lewis (Neville Longbottom), Deathly Hallows spoiler report from the Weasley Wedding filming, 42 cast members on the set for filming, and more talk of the filming for the final film. Next, Potter Pundits returns with the second half of their last discussion on Gothic elements of literature in the Harry Potter series, with a bit of a Halloween theme. Finally, the wrap up brings the discussion to the the significance of the date, the LeakyCon Live CD, Jingle Spells 3 CD, the PotterCasters’ Halloween plans, World of Warcraft Ravenclaws, and much more!

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“Grim Grinning Hosts

  • Halloween spooky PotterCast!
  • Interview with Matt Lewis from the opening of the Harry Potter Exhibition in Boston, MA.
  • Dawlish is PWN’d once again.
  • “Now we’re going to talk about House Elves.”
  • Spoiler Warning!
  • Potter Pundits on Gothic elements in Harry Potter!
  • Leaky CD Shipping Information!
  • “Such a bad role model!”
  • Ravenclaw Zombies…
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RT: 81:49
Producer: John Noe

Also, special thanks to our ever-vigilant UStream Mods for monitoring the live PotterCast recordings.

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57 Responses to PotterCast 208: Grim Grinning Hosts

 promote_elfish_welfare says: Wow, so soon after the last one! Yay, though. :) Downloading right now..  bookgirl3000 says: yay! so many pottercasts in a small time! go potter! IndigoMisfit says: Yay! What a fun way to end Halloween. RavenclawDave says: Listening to it right now, literally im posting this and its playing.  vespasian68967 says: Can't wait to listen to it! sgreeter8888 says: can never have too many pottercasts!!  lexuslovesweasleys says: listening right now  finley says: Joy is waking up to new Pottercast!!!!!!!!!!!!! How comes so soon after last one? Not that I'm complaining. Yippee, yippee its like xmas morning! How sad am I? Dont care, am too busy downloading:) simos says: Best Halloween treat! wandmastercalum says: Woo gonna listen to it soon!! gingersnap188 says: WooooooT!!! I love Pottercast!!!! This is pure awesome!!! Arithmancer says: Thanks for the show, PotterCasters! The quartet were charming as always, and the pundits were so much fun to listen to. I'm off to read some Gothic fiction in honor of the holiday! phoenixes are in ravenclaw says: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LadySidi says: Gonna listen soon! Happy Halloween! :D bettb says: Can't wait to hear this new episode, so soon after number 207!! The Potter Pundits segment is a great new addition to the lineup. ccking says: gotta listen to this soon , happy halloween leaky =) BoyWithALightningScar says: Okay, I take back everything I said about the last one. Potter Pundits are back, yay! Bless you, Pottercasters. Brosia23 says: Nice Halloween present. Ravenclaw98 says: yay!!!  xhandler says: Really! Though it's probably a different recipe in Scotland, Swedish blood pudding is very tasty, especially with lingonberry jam Blatcher914 says: Two pottercasts, one week, awesomeness is rampant tonight! DobbysSocks says: Woohoo! I love Pottercast! First comment! Undesirable No. 1 says: I TOTALLY want to play WoW with Mel & Frak now! I hope I see her sometime, though the chances are slim. mouse68 says: About Emma and that 43 people scene, I think you will find that Emma is more than likely NOT there. Her deal was, and she has said this herself, that she got to go to uni and would come back in December and April to film any further scenes she was required for. Yes, she came back for the Burberry fashion show for one day because she is the face of Burberry and it was part of her contract. In a scene this big, where she probably isn't having a lot of face time, and the focus is most likely on Voldemort and Harry, from what has been said on Twitter, they will use her double, just as they used her double a lot in OOTP when she was studying for her final exams. They will have scheduled things in such a way that the battle scenes where they need her to have a lot of face time will be shot in December. This battle is being shot for three months, not a few days. harrygetsme says: hopefully i can listen soon ;) Fifi says: Yay! : D Catherine says: wow! so soon after the other one!! nice! i love these things they keep me sane during the school week! Fleur-de- Lily says: Can’t wait to listen to it!  Hermione Elizabeth says: SQUEE! I didn't expect a new episode so soon after the last one.... but it's all good!! :) Mrs.Brisby says: *downloading now* Been waiting for the second part of the PP discussion! Two eps in one week??? You guys are on a roll! I love it! :) LadySidi says: Gonna listen soon! Happy Halloween! :D cheeserpleaser says: I will download it to listen to later this week! I cannot wait to hear the second discussion from the Potter Pundits! KellyAnn says: acting troupe! acting troupe! acting troupe!  Mr. Brightside says: Wait what? Two episodes in a week? This is awesome. Downloading right now. pfowlerp says: Two pottercasts, one week, awesome!! Can’t wait to listen to this new episode!!  YoungerGranger says: I love your show and i look forward to it every week, but seriously, leave Miley Cyrus alone. I'm not a huge fan of hers and I used to rag on her all the time until a friend of mine brought this to my attention. She's a teenager with a ton of attention. All of her songs have great messages and she's not exactly the most scandelous star out there.  Horcruxalej says: this wasnt live was it? KC Nox says: yay I'm always excited for a new pottercast!! laurenc says: lately i have been unable to download pottercast onto my itunes, which has caused much distress on my part... simos says: Ravenwlaw Zombies!!!!!! Cooool ! Jane_Potter says: Cool I'm downloading it right now!!! Smitch says: Yayyyy....A Hogwarts-ish Halloween is always the best Halloween!  alicia00 says: cool vespasian68967 says: Another good Pottercast and a terrific Potter Pundits segment! Very good discussion on Gothic literature & elements.  Smitch says: And yeah, Potter Pundits is so good!  WON_TWO says: recorded it! GryfindoorGirl115 says: I keep meaning to listen to this :) levi-OH-sa not levio-SA says: i love pottercast i love pottercast, i love pottercast hey hey hey hey!!! MidnightSun321 says: Aaaah! Neville!! I don't really like those Potter smarties... they are just a little bit boring.... :/ Smitch says: Pottercast keeps evolving, and it just gets full of more awesomeness each time! I really love all the new features and parts of the podcast, but one small detail I enjoy is the new theme and background music. Everything sounds great! It's suped up...Me likes it!  Swedish Plimpy says: YAY!!! :D wing says: hahahahaha wing says: hahahahaha wing says: hahahahaha wing says: hahahahaha wing says: hahahahaha wing says: hahahaha

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