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If you have a record coming in the months ahead: acquire fans with free new music, follow up with a pre-order of the new album with a unique set of packages and range of price points, pre-sell tickets for the supporting tour, four-wall tickets for a secret show, create a membership offer to engage fans with live tour downloads until the next cycle. Check out our services below and contact us with some information about what you have coming up.

Holiday Offers
Artists.MTV &
ArtistLink Set Up
Engage Fans
Collect & communicate with thousands of fans: Fan engagement is critical to your direct-to-fan success.
You need to capture your fans’ information so you can communicate with them and you need to provide exciting ways for your fans to interact with your content.
  • Email for Media Campaign
    Email for Media (E4M) is one of Topspin’s most popular and effective marketing tools, used most often to premiere songs from an upcoming album release, preview unreleased trailers for a film premiere or give away exclusive chapters of a brand-new book. Deliver any media type in exchange for a valid, double-confirmed email address. Upon download, the fan is encouraged to share on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Over thousands of campaigns, the statistics are undeniable: Email for Media delivers the most fans, the highest level of engagement through shares, and best return on investment when the artist is ready to sell to the email list.
    • M.I.A. collected over 60,000 fans on New Years Day using Topspin
    • Hank Williams, Jr. used Topspin to drive over 20,000 visits from Facebook to his website in less than a week
    • Interpol grew their email list by 500% in one campaign using Topspin
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  • Email-to-Stream Campaign
    Email for Stream allows fans to unlock music or video stream in exchange for an email address. Give fans exclusive access to an album stream days before the release date, or premier an unreleased clip from your film, all while collecting emails.
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  • Redeem for Media Campaign
    Topspin Creative Services builds custom Redeem for Media campaigns using Topspin’s Redemption Code widget. Topspin redemption codes (vanity or unique codes) can redeem media from on-pack brand promotions, bundles or third-party sales. Topspin Creative Services can report sales to Soundscan using Topspin’s Redemption + Soundscan setup, with prior Soundscan approval.
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  • Artists.MTV Page Set Up
    Topspin powers 1.2 million Artists.MTV pages. Artists can use Topspin to control the official bio displayed on MTV, update photos, publish songs & videos to the page, and install an artist ad banner to link to current offers on the web. Topspin Creative Services can handle the entire setup on behalf of the artist.
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  • Topspin ArtistLink Set Up
    Topspin’s ArtistLink is a simple way to get started with Topspin. Activate free downloads for any item in your account in exchange for a fan email address or a promotional tweet. ArtistLink is also the dashboard for editing the Artists.MTV page on MTV.com.
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  • Email for Media on YouTube Campaign
    With Topspin, you can use a YouTube Partner Channel banner to give away a free download in exchange for an email.
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  • Contests or Sweepstakes
    Topspin Creative Services works with artists and/or brands to build custom contest concepts, entry forms and rules for contest and sweepstakes campaigns from beginning to end. These promotions can live on the artist official site and/or Facebook.
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Sell Anything
Give fans exclusive and premium products available exclusively from you.
  • Official Website
    Creative Services works with artists to outline, wireframe, mood board, design and ultimately develop or update an official website. Our team can build and integrate with any platform (i.e. WordPress, Tumblr, Expression Engine, etc.)
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  • Offer Pages
    An offer page is a single splash page design to promote a campaign, typically with a handful of items for sale from the artist. Common offers include album pre-orders and film premieres. Topspin Creative Services approaches offer page from product concept and pricing through Topspin build and offer page launch.
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  • Complete Stores
    Artists can migrate their entire commerce store onto Topspin. Topspin’s WordPress plugin for stores allows for dynamic updates between Topspin’s dashboard and the store design. Topspin Fulfillment offers warehouses in the US and the UK. Through our partnership with Alliance (the logistics warehouse responsible for Best Buy and Amazon, among others), artists can even sell catalog products from Alliance’s extensive inventory.
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  • Exclusive Offers on YouTube
    Topspin is the only direct-to-fan sales tool to sell merchandise on YouTube. Promote exclusive offers in the same place millions might be watching artist videos.
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Ticket Events
Give fans the best seats…and bundle anything you want with them
  • Pre-Sale & VIP Tickets
    Topspin Creative Services’ in-house ticket staff handles pre-sale ticketing from concept to promoter holds to payments and sales and fulfillment. Topspin Creative Services can help artists create extra value for fans with bundles of tickets plus media or merchandise. Our team can create and oversee VIP experiences for tour (for example, soundcheck parties and meet & greet packages). Customized tour page design and development included.
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  • 4-Wall Ticketing
    Topspin Creative Services can help you produce events in which you sell 100% of the house direct-tofan. We’ve managed and sold well over 100,000 tickets for artists including Interpol, Blitzen Trapper, Eminem, Linkin Park, Odd Future and Pixies. From strategy, planning and marketing to show-night execution, Topspin Creative Services can handle the entire experience.
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Offer Memberships
Reward fans with special access
  • Memberships, Subscriptions, Fan Clubs – Built on Topspin
    Topspin Creative Services can manage fan clubs with a full content and promotional calendar and dedicated staff. Topspin-powered memberships can sell restricted products across multiple membership access levels (monthly, yearly, lifetime), and memberships can be bundled with other products in an artist’s store. Members can log in with pre-existing accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Yahoo. The flexibility of the platform and ease of use for fans allows Topspin Creative Services to launch an artist fan club quickly.
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