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Academic Standing

To continue in academic good standing at UNCG, students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 1.75 for freshmen (0–29 semester hours completed), and 2.0 thereafter (30 or more semester hours completed). Students on academic probation must earn a 2.30 GPA each term including Summer Session until academic good standing is restored. For freshmen a 1.75 cumulative GPA is required for good standing; for sophomores and above, a 2.0 cumulative GPA.

Failure to meet the 2.30 term GPA until good standing is restored will result in academic suspension, if not previously suspended. Students on academic probation after academic suspension or dismissal who fail to meet the 2.30 term GPA will be academically dismissed. UNCG reserves the right to deny enrollment to any student, even though the student has met the minimum grade point average required, if it is apparent from the student's academic record of required courses that the student will not be able to meet graduation requirements.

The Academic Good Standing Policy applies to enrollment during any term, including Summer session. Students may be placed on academic probation, suspended, dismissed, or restored to good standing based on their academic performance during Summer Session. Academic performance for both summer terms is evaluated at the end of Summer Term II. Students may check their academic standing via UNCGenie.

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