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  • August 16, 2012
  • Kristen Daukas
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Who wants to win a new kitchen?? I know I do. Our friends over at Food Lion are giving those of us in NC and SC a chance to do just that!!

What one thing would you change about your kitchen, they asked me? Does “everything” count, I replied. I really, really want to win a new kitchen.

I pinned this picture on my Pinterest page almost a year ago and it is exactly what I want for our house:

Source: elledecor.com via Kristen on Pinterest


See, we live in what is considered a “farmhouse” layout which basically means there are 4 rooms on each level that are exactly the same size. Our kitchen and dining room used to be seperated by a wall but we had that removed 3 years ago. With a family of 5, both rooms were too small for us to comfortably fit all of us – much less have people over which we love to do.

The problem is that taking down the wall is the only thing that we have been able to change. We love   to cook and we love to have friends over. Every time the Rooster and I start daydreaming about a new kitchen (or even what we could change a little at a time) we realize that to do it right, it’s going to cost us a pretty penny. Our counters are insufficient for prep work – they’re small, there’s no lighting and they have a crappy layout. You know the ideal 3 point kitchen station design? Yeah – we have none of that. Our appliances are older.. the stove is one of those AWFUL flat top glass things (which my cast iron doesn’t work well on) that uses electricity instead of gas. Running the dishwasher must occur at 2am because it’s so loud and we have no garbage disposal.

I would love to have the kitchen that I pinned because then our kitchen becomes a room that everyone can hang out in while we’re cooking and the use of space is perfect for our house. I want the giant, 6 burner gas range and if possible – TWO ovens – or at least one big one and one little one. I want one of those amazing new “grab and go” refrigerators but most of all – I just want room for the Rooster and I to comfortably work together in the kitchen.

Okay.. enough about my daydreams. You want to hear about the sweepstakes, right?

Food Lion is having a Kitchen Sweepstakes now thru September 12th with some great prizes. What can you win?

  • Grand Prize: $25k Home Makeover Package (uhm.. this one’s mine so keep reading… )
  • 1st Place: $10k in cash
  • 2nd Place: Free Groceries for a Year
  • 100 weekly $20 Food Lion gift cards (400 total)

I’d take any of those honestly, but man would I love to win the grand prize.

So, how can you win? First and foremost, click here and go enter your name, address, etc. You can also get additional entries through “checking in” on Foursquare and Facebook and purchasing My Essentials brand products. You’ll have to link your 4Sq and FB in order for those to credit to you, FYI. Remember what Little Mama says – someone has to win, why not me? Or you!

Now it’s your turn.. I’d love to hear what is the one thing you would change about your nasty, old kitchen? Okay.. I don’t know if your kitchen is old or nasty but compared to a shiny, new one it is.



Are you raising a teen or a tween? Join the conversation over at Ten to Twenty Parenting!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Food Lion. I received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate. And because I really want to win a new kitchen.

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  • RLR at Mom's Magic Reply

    Aug 16, 2012

    #1 Shoot – I’m not eligible. My sis works for Food Lion. I can think of all kinds of other words (besides “shoot” to use here).
    #2 Did you notice that there’s a specific list of cities in which you have to reside to be eligible? Seems to be pretty limited to me – or perhaps I’m reading it wrong. Because yes, I did go over and read the Terms and Conditions – see #1. I had my fingers crossed!

    • Kristen Daukas Reply

      Aug 16, 2012

      Tell her to quit so you can win

      I think it’s much more limited in SC.. maybe there are some restrictions there? I know we’re eligible in Forsyth. Maybe it has to do with counties? I have no idea.

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