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Find The Podcast You Need With Podbean

March 7, 2009

Find The Podcast You Need With Podbean

Need information fast? Chances are, there's a podcast out there that has just what you need!

In a recent article posted in The Wall Street Journal, author Mary Pilon said she wanted to find personal finance information that "fits into my pocket but doesn't put me to sleep." The result is a comprehensive list - "The Best Personal Finance Podcasts" - that highlights the best of the best when it comes to personal finance, budgeting and investing... and all of this invaluable information is coming from podcasts.

Topping the list are several podcasts from NPR, including Economy, The Color Of Money and Planet Money as well as Marketplace from American Public Media. WSJ's own personal finance podcasts - Your Money Matters and This Morning are listed too as are podcasts from financial giants such as Vanguard and Fidelity. These podcasts provide listeners with useful information that's on target with today's economic constraints. Learn simple explanations for complicated financial concepts and deal with debt like a pro. From tips and tricks for the more seasoned investor to basic financial concepts for beginners, this list is a great place to start for anyone wanting to brush up on their personal finance knowledge.

You can find these and other personal finance podcasts by visiting the Podbean Podcast Social Subscribing Directory. This directory makes it easy to discover new, timely podcasts as well as share your favorites with other users. And because our directory includes both Podbean-hosted as well as non-Podbean streams, you can always find the very best in podcasting that the web has to offer.

Want to start your own Podbean podcast? Just click here.

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Podcast Social Subscribing — find Niche-interest Podcasts from Like-minded Individuals

August 4, 2008

Podbean is glad to announce the new Podcast directory system -- Podcast Social Subscribing now is live online.

Check out our new Podcast Social subscribing system and see how it does a great seach job for you. Podbean Social Subscribing is a collection of yours and everyone else's favorite podcasts. You can image it is the del.icio.us sosical bookmarking for Podcasts. With Podcast Social Subscribing, you can:

  • Store your podcast subscriptions in one place, access the same subscriptions from any computer and add new subscriptions from anywhere.
  • Find Niche-interest Podcasts from Like-minded Individuals. Check out users who subscribe to the same podcasts as you do and see what else podcasts that they subscribe to.
  • Share your favorite podcasts to your friends in Facebook or by email and get recommendations from them in return.
  • Organize your favorites into tags and get Unique and Personalized Feeds for each tag. You can save the trouble on subscribing to dozens podcasts one by one on each of your computers or hand-held devices. Simply subscribe to one tag-feed you can get the aggregation of all the podcasts that you subscribed with this tag.

Here is a peek of Podcast Social Subscribing MySubscription page:

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