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Frank E. Lee

Monday – Friday: 1-5pm
Host: Vinyl Frontier, Sunday Night Concert

Frank E. Lee was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. His education in the Chicago Southwest Christian School system left him ill-prepared for a career as a rock superstar, so he turned to the radio. [Read Frank’s Full Bio]

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Kristin K

Traditionally, saints are portrayed as translated creatures communing with the Supreme Being by the sea of crystal. They may intercede for us, or just grieve at our shortcomings. But saints are also present with us [...]


Batman V. Superman

It is kind of exciting to know that just outside your office window, the latest superhero movie is being shot on location here in downtown Chicago. The Hollywood reality, of course, consists of numerous trucks, [...]


Bob Dylan On The Screen

Bob Dylan wraps up his three night stand of XRT shows tonight at the Cadillac Palace Theater. He has a reputation as being something of a recluse, but he has made numerous appearances over the [...]


5 Bob Dylan Tunes You Might Have Missed

The “song and dance” man (as he once identified himself) is back in town for 3 XRT shows this Saturday, Sunday and Monday at the Cadillac Palace Theater downtown. His repertoire is long and deep [...]


Election Day Playlist

Much as we enjoyed the copious supply of negative ads, (my favorite was the one portraying the opponent conducting a seance with Dracula and the kid from the Bad Seed), now it’s time to color [...]


Songs For The End Of Daylight Savings Time

Soon, we’ll leave in the dark and return home in the same non-illumination. (And many of us will be kept there even while we work.) But hey, turning the clocks back is the only we [...]


More Scary Movies

After the trick or treaters have returned to their lairs to feast and the candles in the Jack-o’-Lanterns are low and sputtering in the wind, it’s time to curl up in front of the cool [...]


Scary Movies For Halloween

Of course, reality is plenty terrifying all by itself, but movies generally have better endings and the boring interludes are (usually) edited out. Plus, all the characters are attractive. (At least, the ones we root [...]


Frank Lloyd Wright Races 2014

Despite a chilly start and a scary, unscheduled pre-Halloween appearance by former native son Ernest Hemingway (hawking his prequel “The Teenager and the Sea”), the 38th annual Frank Lloyd Races in Oak Park went off [...]


Ryan Adams Plus 1

Ryan Adams plays a sold out XRT show tonight at the Chicago Theater, his first appearance in the Windy City in quite a while. Ryan’s voice and songs are fine by themselves, but they do pair well with others. Here’s a few examples:



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