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Sir Soundwave

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This article is about the heroic Decepticon. For his evil counterpart, see Soundwave (G1). For a list of other meanings, see Soundwave (disambiguation).
Soundwave is a heroic Decepticon from the Shattered Glass continuity family.
Poor Soundwave; even in a mirror universe he's still in Megatron's shadow.

Sir Soundwave is a righteous dude! He and his gnarly cassettes—Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Frenzy, Ravage, Ratbat, Overkill, Garboil, Howlback, and Slugfest—bring the good vibrations to Megatron's fight against the totally heinous Autobots! Though the charismatic Soundwave is the Decepticons' "Morale Officer," he's also an expert in communications. He can tap into any data source just through proximity, which not only helps him link his fellow Decepticons together while in battle, but also helps him tap any errant Autobot transmission.

Sir Soundwave carries a sonic cannon that can also convert into a monomolecular blade which vibrates at the speed of sound. He is sometimes known as Monstroso, the Robot Horror from Beyond.

You dudes may be numerous, but there's one thing you don't know. I have no mouth... Yet I must rock.Soundwave. How can you not love this guy?, "Eye in the Sky"


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Shattered Glass

As the Decepticons followed Starscream's plan to disable the Ark's launching platform, Soundwave was among the ground forces that followed Starscream, Divebomb and Whisper's initial assault. Later in the battle he was seen assisting the injured Slugslinger. Shattered Glass

When the Autobots tried to take the Arch-Ayr fuel dump from the Decepticons and it was starting to look bleak, Soundwave called in the Mayhem Suppression Squad as the "cavalry". Dungeons & Dinobots

Starscream reported to Soundwave that the Slugfest and Overkill were missing. Soundwave checked the security tapes, but found only minor glitches. The two Dinocons were soon discovered, having transformed into octaltrack data cartridges.

When boarding the Nemesis, Cliffjumper assigned Soundwave to the comm. Soundwave brought with him his usual complement of tapes as well as the newcomers Slugfest and Overkill.

Soundwave manned the comm throughout the clash with the Ark. He volunteered to stay and help Starscream guide the damaged Nemesis down to Earth, but Cliffjumper insisted that Soundwave seek the safety of an escape pod, because he would need to communicate with Cybertron about their situation. Do Over

Street Fighter superior!

Before the Nemesis crash-landed on Earth, Soundwave jettisoned in an escape pod, but went into stasis lock when it landed. Heatwave found him at a scenic spot named Wyatt's Roadsideaganza and reactivated the escape pod's systems and the on-board scanner, which scanned a vehicle nearby for Soundwave and reactivated him. Soundwave tore a flag from a nearby pole and used it as his hachimaki, then detonated the stasis pod as the pair of them set out to find their fallen comrades. The Desert Heat!

Soundwave and Heatwave tracked down the Nemesis crash site, inadvertently hooking up with Professor Arkeville and his students who were also out looking to see what had crashed. Soundwave quickly befriended them and defended the humans in general against Cliffjumper's complaints about the ship being shot down. He and the other Decepticons were disappointed when it turned out that the Autobots had survived the crash of the Ark as well, and had commandeered the humans' orbital laser. Will, Rick and Soundwave disguised themselves as ice cream delivery and infiltrated Burpleson Air Force Base, which the Autobots had taken over. While Heatwave broke into the base in a more conventional manner, Soundwave kept the Autobots busy while his comrade talked to the orbital laser control system. Everyone got clear before the control system used the orbiting laser to destroy the base. Eye in the Sky

Come on, FIGHT!

For his various heroic deeds, he was knighted and given the title Sir Soundwave. Shortly thereafter, he attended a Misfits/Cold Slither concert. After Heatwave was lost in an Autobot Stellar Spanner experiment, Soundwave realized that an oPod that Will had installed in Blitzwing's systems was broadcasting on an Autobot frequency. Unfortunately Blitzwing's broadcast began to spread to Decepticons frequencies, though naturally Soundwave was immune, and went looking for the triple changer so they could surgically remove the oPod. He briefly located Blitzwing at Wyatt's Roadsideaganza, before his target fled in jet mode. Eventually Ravage spotted a Yatter update pointing to a particular alleyway, and arrived just as Blaster found Blitzwing. Soundwave and Blaster fought, until they were interrupted by the arrival of Thunderwing who arrested Soundwave for a transmission he made four million solar cycles ago. Soundwave managed to talk him into suspending the arrest on a technicality and tracked Blaster down as he was preparing to send Blitzwing to Cybertron using the Stellar Spanner. After Soundwave tricked Blaster into confessing a crime, Thunderwing attempted to arrest the Autobot, allowing Soundwave free reign to rescue Blitzwing. They returned to base, where Thunderwing sentenced Soundwave to 500 hours community service. Blitzwing Bop

The Decepticons got their own Stellar Spanner working, and Soundwave was overjoyed to discover that Heatwave had survived his trip to Cybertron. Soundwave was among the Decepticons who attended the unveiling of R.J. Blackrock's new Mega-Rig and found himself facing a group of Autobots who attacked the ceremony. When following the attack Sephie Beller had herself augmented with Cybertronian technology, Starscream and Soundwave were concerned for their human ally, but she reacted badly to Starscream confining her to base, and Soundwave sent Ravage to talk to her. She had already gone to attack the Autobots, and when the Decepticons went to help, they stepped into an Autobot trap. With the Decepticons bound, the Autobots prepared a firing squad, and were going to shoot Soundwave first to stop the electronic jamming when Soundwave pointed out it wasn't him doing the jamming. The arrival of Blackrock piloting a Centurion mech kept the Autobots distracted, and Soundwave freed himself using high-frequency vibrations. Unfortunately before he could do anything, Blackrock knocked him out with an EMP blast. He recovered in time to watch Sephie destroy the Centurion, and took Sephie and Rick back to base. He was disappointed when Sephie turned down a spot on the Decepticon team, though unbeknownst to him, she took the opportunity to copy his power chip rectifier before leaving. Transhuman

To complete your Soundwave, you have to buy two box sets to give him a second weapon-arm.

When the Decepticons were tipped off by Optimus Prime that Ultra Magnus had escaped his prison on Paradron, Soundwave joined Treadshot's team to hunt him down. They traveled through a portal to a strange parallel universe where they encountered Magnus and his army battling their destination universe's heroic Autobots. Here Magnus was after this universe's Rarified Energon so that he could open up a hole in space time to bring its Earth to his Cybertron, destroying them both. But when Soundwave and the Decepticons appeared, Magnus used his stolen Terminus Blade to stage an escape.

The heroic Autobots of that dimension were understandably confused, so Soundwave caught them up to speed. (He "tells it way better" than Treadshot.) The heroic Autobots and heroic Decepticons joined forces and fought back the insidious Junkion hive, but after a while Soundwave realized he should sneak away to put an end to Ultra Magnus's scheme. The Junkions swarmed him, however, and Soundwave's end was imminent until he was rescued by Gigatron and his evil Decepticons. Ultimately, Soundwave was able to expand the forcefield surrounding Ultra Magnus's enigmatic contraption below ground to cover the entire Earth. Soundwave and the heroic Decepticons believed this had averted the crisis, but Magnus scoffed. He wanted to destroy this Earth, yes, but he'd also set in motion the destruction of its entire universe! As Earth was pulled into orbit over their universe's Cybertron, the Earth's entire former dimension was destroyed.

Magnus declared victory and retreated as Soundwave sought reassurance that they had won on some level. Invasion

With the stellar spanner damaged, Soundwave was unable to return to his friends on negative polarity Earth. The heroic Wheeljack created a new "mental spanner" to compensate, allowing Soundwave to project his consciousness across space to possess a secondary body created for him on Earth by Deputy Commander Starscream. On Earth, Soundwave was confronted by Blaster, who managed to find a way back to the planet from the moon. Solar Requiem


Run for the border, dude!

While hiding outside a Taco Horn, Soundwave cautioned Ravage to enter stealth mode, including not updating Yatter. A few moments later, Ravage updated his Boxball account, as Mexican restaurants were worth three points, and they were consequently found by Blaster. Soundwave was very disappointed. Recordicons #6

Soundwave was concealed as a light pylon when Nightbeat and Hosehead passed by. Unfortunately Ravage picked that moment to fall out, giving away Soundwave's disguise, much to his annoyance. Ravage attempted to blame gravity. Recordicons #17 Soundwave grabbed Laserbeak, as he needed a guitar so he could play a set as part of Tape-Filled Idiots. Recordicons #25


Transformers Legends

Soundwave took part in a battle which prevented the Autobots from launching from Cybertron in a battleship. Shattered Glass


Music Label

"So what? I'm a different character now? When did this happen?"
  • Soundwave Playing Audio Player (2007)
    • Accessories: Electric launcher, "Wave Bluster", 2 closed fists (left & right), 2 gun-holding pose fists (left & right), 2 eject-button pose fists (left & right), headphones
Soundwave was repurposed from the Sonic White version of Generation 1 Music Label Soundwave.
Released by TakaraTomy's Music Label, Soundwave is an MP3 player which takes a miniSD card. The box says it can take up to 1 GB, but many claims have shown it can support up to 2 GB. The player uses one AAA battery. The player also features a transformation almost entirely accurate to his Generation 1 appearance. He also comes with two sets of hands, his shoulder cannon, and a sidearm. It's totally awesome to so many degrees.
  • Play/Pause (Press and hold for three seconds to power on or off)
  • Next
  • Previous
  • Volume Up
  • Volume Down.
It also treats Folders as Albums.
An LED behind the "cassette" door turns on and flashes to indicate the power's on. The single AAA battery lasts for about 6 hours of continuous play. Soundwave was initially released in two color schemes: "Spark Blue", his normal blue and silver colors; and "Sonic White", a mostly white color scheme with some blue detailing, echoing the traditional iPod color scheme.
  • More information on Music Label Soundwave at


Headband sold separately? That's not righteous at all!
  • Invasion (BotCon 2012 box set)
Soundwave is a retool of Universe Classics Series Ironhide, featuring a new head. His vehicle mode has a Cold Slither design on the side. Soundwave is armed with a double-ended weapon, which deploys a translucent melee blade from one end, and a gatling cannon from the other. His chest features an Automorph-like gimmick that sees mechanical detailing raise up behind his chestplate when his bumper is lowered. Soundwave's head is designed to look fully forward, rather than tilt down like Ironhide or Ratchet's toys. His headband is a plastic piece sold separately (with a Soundwave trading card) at the Club store.
There's a difference in plastic color in the official photos of the robot and vehicle modes. In robot mode, the piece behind his head is white, and in vehicle mode, that same piece forms the roof and is black. While the tinier image of the toy in robot mode within BotCon registration gives Soundwave a black crotch in addition to the piece behind his head, the final toy used a white piece behind his head while having a black crotch and solid-white roof in alt mode. Oddly, the cards that come with the toy *and* the headband still show all these areas as white in the artwork.
Soundwave was released in a box set with Ultra Magnus, Tracks, Treadshot, Gigatron, and Metalhawk. His toy was also retooled as Universe Ratchet.
  • More information on Timelines Soundwave at

Shattered Glass

  • SG Soundwave vs SG Blaster (2013)
    • Accessories: rocket launcher, 3 rockets, "concussion blaster"
"SG Soundwave" comes in a boxed versus set which also includes SG Slugfest, SG Ratbat, SG Blaster, SG Rewind, SG Ramhorn, and Solarbot, as well as a 12-page comic. Redecoed from Encore Soundblaster, SG Soundwave comes with a sticker sheet full of additional decals for himself and the others in the set.
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