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Double Cross

Double Cross - v.2.0

Sean J McKiernan (mekire)


arcade 2d pygame puzzle tetris mekire


2 years ago this was my very first Pygame program (and my first big Python project in general). Recently looking back at the code I was even more disgusted than I had anticipated. This is a complete recode of the game.

Unlike your common unilateral falling block games, 'Double Cross' implements a bidirectional paradigm expanding the genre in both dimension and difficulty.



Blocks fall from the top and fly in from the side settling in a joined "play area".  Deletions occur when rows of ten blocks are completed. A horizontal row of 10 will cause the blocks to fall down, and a vertical row of 10 will cause the blocks to "fall" to the right.  If a vertical row is completed during a vertical drop or a horizontal row is completed during a horizontal drop the corresponding deletion will not occur until the next turn.  This can and will lead to non-intuitive results.  Focus on the vertical alone and you will die from horizontal negligence and vice versa.


  • P: Pause (music can be changed while paused)
  • Esc: Quit prompt
  • Arrow keys: Basic play (customizable in game)


Both full source, as well as windows executables are available (with and without the music files). The main files are called double-cross.pyw and double-cross.exe respectively.

*I do not own the music. Songs are all copyright of their respective owners.


After two years I finally recoded this game (and boy did it need it). Please let me know if you have any difficulties running it. -Mek


Home Page:


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March 16, 2013 3:40pm - chavdar - nickname: (chabuduo) - 5/5
Nice execution and nice style kompad!

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