Spiritual Tattoos, What do They Mean?

Posted on February 7, 2013 by admin in Spirituality

A tattoo symbolizes a lot of things and will say a lot about a person. It can determine what other people firmly believe in. Getting spiritual tattoos can be one person’s way of honoring his faith and beliefs.

Tattoos are expression of love for arts and there a lot of popular examples of tattoos that strongly represents a person’s spiritual belief and has a deep symbolic meaning.

An example for this is the Koi fish tattoo, it is a very popular spiritual tattoo not only for the Japanese people but also for those who appreciate their art. It is well believed that a Koi fish can swim upstream, fighting against the strong current of the water and would have to pass the dragon gate and eventually be a dragon itself. Due to that belief, Koi fish tattoos became the symbol of strength, power, and great ability to overcome life’s challenges, attaining spirituality.

The Celtic Cross is also a well know tattoo, not only does it represent one’s spirituality, it also represents history and is a great symbol of heritage for some. These tattoos represents pride and are certainly made to tell a story. The Celtic Cross represents heaven and hell, men and women and all the complexities of nature. It is commonly confused with the traditional Christian Cross, however the traditional cross is often chosen by people for religious reasons. As religion is a powerful matter for some, having an image to represent that represents their faith is something that ties deeply to who and how they are, which is very valuable for them.

Butterfly tattoos are commonly associated to a man’s soul and is often used to represent it. It is known across all places in the world, to people from all walks of life. Setting aside religion and certain societies, most people believe in having a soul. The life of a butterfly from its magical change from a crawling creature into a flying beauty is similar to the eminence of the soul that almost all aspires for. It is not just a normal piece of art but rather represents something that has more meaningful purpose.

A tattoo is not just a pretty picture, it is more of a representation of one’s self or even one’s spiritual path. There is a notion that each person has his own spirit which is intangible and unseen yet is very important to human existence. It is a diverse form of expression that can reach out to every single soul who has a passion for art and spirituality. It is one of the greatest form of self expression. Contrary to what other people think, spiritual tattoos help strengthen the foundation of one person’s goal and aspirations.

Tattoos can signify huge life changes and could represent one’s strength and resilience. They are silent reminders of what one person has done, sacrificed and believes in that makes him who he is. A tattoo is an art. It’s representation. It’s symbolism. It is faith. It is YOU.

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