Benefits of Spiritual Practice

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Spiritual practice is an activity that you do regularly and it brings a closer connection between you and your divine part. Perhaps you have already started thinking about yoga mats, prayers and prayer beads, meditation, chant books and a plethora of other practices. Well, while you are right, spiritual practice also extends to other activities such as knitting, calligraphy, golfing, hiking, playing guitar, baking, running and many other activities. Therefore, what really matters when defining an activity as a spiritual practice is the level of connectivity you have with it.

A spiritual practice means that you can do that activity over and over again without tiring. You may not necessarily do it quite methodically but whenever you do it then it gives a unique feeling. That does not mean that it will always be compelling to your heart because there are some spiritual practices that paradoxically become annoying, harrowing, vexing, agonizing and sometimes boring. However, you don’t just feel complete when you don’t do it by the end of the day.

Determining an activity which is a spiritual practice in your life is very easy. The most important thing first is to accept that that activity is significant in your routine. You will then create some time for it in your schedule so that a day doesn’t end without you engaging in it. And you must get inspired to carry out that activity so that it is not overcome by sleep or other activities which are not compelling. If there are other activities in your schedule that are less important then you have to chop them off and create adequate time for your spiritual practice.

There are numerous benefits of spiritual practice including:

  1. It gives you a true connection and then uplifts your spirit. You will then find yourself smiling and happy even though you are not as rich as Warren Buffet. This is divine power.
  2. If you feel down then a spiritual practice will give you new power. It will change your mood so that you become more joyful. This is the feeling everyone is looking for definitely.
  3. A spiritual practice helps to cultivate a habit of completing all your tasks in a given day. It gives the motivation and belief that you will actually succeed.
  4. A spiritual practice helps you to maintain emotional stability. It reduces over-excitement on both extremes and an unnecessary feeling of great anger. This practice therefore brings down all feelings of “I am bored”.
  5. Normal activities usually create a feeling of duty, professionalism and responsibility that is driven by the outcome. However, a spiritual practice has no connection without results or financial performance. It therefore takes you away from the dutiful world and gives you some moments of simplicity.
  6. A spiritual practice also brings moments of reflection in your life. That is when you get to encourage yourself even in the middle of a project that has massively failed. The practice always tells you that there is always next time and you can lift your result from one level to the next.
  7. A spiritual practice also creates a well-balanced state of mind which promotes healthful living.

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