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Tits Nailing

Published March 17, 2010

Tits nailing is a form of SM edge play involving hammering nails through the breast. Of course it hurts much more then play piercing because of the size of the nails, and also the hammering. But it can be done probably with a minimal amoung of pain. It is safe if done with care and forethought, with proper before and aftercare (antiseptic and keeping the wounds clean).

Nailing releases a flood of endorphins. And a lot of the thrill for both sadist and masochist comes from the picture in the mind. There you are held to something by your tits, you can’t move away there is a certain power in this for the sadist, and a total submission on the part of the masochist. There is a particular emotional/psychological dimension to driving a nail through a submissive’s breast or nipple that may be different in its primality and in its intensity from standard needle play, just as there is a difference, even, paradoxical or enigmatic as it may sound, a difference in intimacy, between the typical techniques of standard needle play and pushing a needle full-length into a girl’s nipple from the top or skewering her breast with a longer needle. Remember, it is never done without talk first with your submissive.

The nails used should be smooth and sharp. Infection is the biggest risk here. Therefore the nails used should be very smooth, with no microscopic debris that may be left in the breast. Ridges and twists found in many nails are good places for bacteria and other organic material to linger. Scarring is dependant upon a number of factors including, but not limited to, the particular characteristics of the flesh, any sort of stretching that’s done and the size of the nail. We recomend using small diameter round nails, like finishing nails perhaps (not screw nails).

Click here to see full gallery of tits nailed to the plank

If you want to minimize pain, you can sharpen the nails further before sterilizing them. But in general this is bad idea. Nails come in a smooth form that would be more likely to slide through the flesh then would a sharpened nail. Sharpening the nail would leave file marks which would tear flesh as opposed to slicing through. Look at your box of nails for the smoothest ones, they do vary.

The nails should be made of stainless steel. Iron nails in particular, even brand new and sterilized, there can still be a hint of oxidation on the surface that can cause a problem, as iron begins to oxidize the moment air touches it. Aluminum nails are a bit too weak and tend to break at the wrong time. Be carefull with some panel nails, they are grooved. Nails usually come in a box with a light coating of oil on them so cleaning them would be a good idea. You can try 6p-8p finishing nail as these are long enough to keep you from hitting your finger and mixing your blood. The higher the guage or nail (2p-4p-6p-8p) the thicker the nail will be. The nails shouldn’t be too large as in order to heal properly (the edges of flesh have to rejoin) after play. You might want to let the wounds bleed for a bit afterwards to help flush them.

Click here to see full gallery of nailing tits to the board

For those who don’t want to go that far try veterinary needles 10-12 gauge with metal reusable ferrules (the big end). You can pound them like nails but they will be a lot sharper. Or try long hat or stage pins or map pins or even just have your nips saftey pinned to something; the bed, a pillow, a cork bulletin board etc. Later on one can move to actual nails as in small diameter ones. This has the advantage of more drama.

The nails, the hammer, the flesh should all be sterilized. For implements boiling in water for 30 minutes to an hour, soaking them in alcohol for 6 hours (longer if they aren’t smooth), for the flesh a surgical scrub such as betadine. Of antiseptics, betadine is the best. Rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizers are also effective, but once they evaporate, recontamination is possible. Betadine, once on, can continue to destroy pathogens (within reason, of course, saliva may prove to contain too much bacteria to be neutralized). As a contact antiseptic, be sure to scrub nooks and crannies, like under the fingernails. Check for allergic reactions (very little likelihood, but let’s not be careless). There are “cold sterilants” out there which can be used to sterilize equipment, not sure if you can these at surgical supply stores, but it never hurts to ask. If you know any piercers they will probably be willing to autoclave the nails for you before hand. Boiling and autoclaving are effective for sterilization, but things don’t stay sterilized – touching the implements will contaminate them and reintroduce the risk of infection.

Click here to see full gallery of nailing breast to the wood

The type of wood, a clean board made of hardwood is best. Exactly the board used should be made of a fine grained medium hard wood. It doesn’t eliminate the need for caution though. Wood is organic. It carries bacteria which can cause infection. So when removing the sharp pointy things, you need to do it in 2 stages. First, you have to remove the wood, without letting the nails retract back into the flesh. Once that’s done, the sharp ends must be wiped down with betadine. Make sure the no wood particles remain. In many instances the nail, when pulled out will carry bits of wood with it which become lodged in the tissue and causes infection and maybe an abscess. What will be better in this form of play is the nail is removed from the wood, wiped with a clean lint free cloth soaked in a surgical scrub before being pulled out through the breast. This won’t guarantee that infection won’t set in, but may help reduce the risk of it.

There is an opinion that the nails can be left in for practically (within reason of course) any length of time. But this is not studied.

It’s not necessary to drive the nail deep into the board, doing so would make it undoubtedly harder to remove. The best way to remove a nail from a board is pulling it out with the other end of the hammer. Please remember that it hurts more coming out than going in. Have an alternative way of removing the nail, claw hammer and block, pry bar and block, etc. Cutting the top of the nail and lifting breasts off is not a good idea. You probably think that it is hard to remove a nail from a board without using some sort of fulcrum/leverage action against the board and the nail head. Cutting the nails to get them out as any cut from a saw or a nipper will leave a jagged burr or two that will have to go through the tissue. The ragged edge left by a cutter will require a lot of difficult work to smooth before pulling through. Also, as it has been mentioned above, ridges and twists, as instance after cutting the top of the nail, are good places for bacteria and other organic material to linger. So lifting the breast up a bit and cutting the nail between the breast and the board or cutting the top of the nail can be considered only as an alternative way.

Tits nailing can be erotic as it releases endorphins but with the breast tissue in particular it is of the utmost importance to know the area that you are working with. If you wish your slave to lactate ever or is they have fibroids it can cause severe damage that is not repairable. This is not an area where general knowledge works you must have specific knowledge of your slaves chest or breasts; it is good to even have mammogram films taken.

Should the breast be nailed off center, the odds are poor that you will hit significant nerves. Stay away from nipples and aerolas. They are too small of areas to take a nail being hammered through them. Try to put nails through the outer edges of the breasts by pulling out and extended her skin. The breast is a very spongy mass, there may be some slight internal bleeding. Afterwards some holes that unless you are a keloid healer will close up and go away in three weeks or so. There is little or not scarring, depending on the type of skin, and given the nails are not absurdly large in circumference.

Of course there is a risk of breast cancer, because of a concern that the ensuing scar tissue would make a mammogram harder to read, and therefore, cancer easier to miss in the early stages when it is most curable. But this is not studied.

Please remember, all what you think would be fun and exciting sometimes does not match reality. Remember that you are taking a large long-term health risk with this idea. But people usually do whatever they want regardless of what others think. If you want to try this edge play make sure you learn from an expert first. Don’t try this edge play without a professional somewhere nearby.

Attention! This information is provided for entertainment purposes only, should not be construed as advice. Do not use this article as the guide to action! In fact you shouldn’t follow it all.

Masters Taking. Torture tits and pussy DVD. Duration: 01:23:03. Click to preview scenes >

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Posted in BDSM Articles, BDSM Technique

6 Responses to Tits Nailing

1 of 11
  • Corey says:
    May 31, 2011 at 2:09 am

    I really love this article. I have been considering hammering nails into my wife’s tits. She happens to like some BDSM so I want to fulfill her deepest fantasies…

  • bewfiew says:
    November 19, 2011 at 12:09 am

    mmmmm big tit nailing…

  • anonym says:
    January 20, 2012 at 6:49 am

    I know these pics. They are from “Brutal Master”.
    The point is, this moron has absolutely no clue of what he is doing, not at all.
    He just does it, no regards and no precautions taken, no matter what.
    This alleged master is nothing but a stupid wannabe dom who doesn’t have the slightest imagination of human anatomy and more.

  • lisa says:
    May 6, 2012 at 11:09 pm

    I would love for someone to do this to me. Looks so naughty.

  • Jon says:
    October 29, 2012 at 10:07 am

    Lisa.I bet when you looked at the pictures you got a feeling in your belly,right the way to your cunny.Experiment first.then when you get so aroused and worked up have it done, you must be into pain,to even think about it.

  • Cindy says:
    December 30, 2012 at 3:28 am

    Like Lisa, these are a big turn on, and Jon yup those are my reactions

1 of 11

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