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General Assembly - Nineteenth session


10 October 2011 - 13 October 2011

Republic of Korea

General Assembly Daily

Edition 1, 10th October 

Edition 2, 11th October 

Edition 3, 12th October 

Edition 4, 13th October 

Important note:
In compliance with the United Nations system’s environmental protection policy, the working documents will not be distributed on paper at the venue of the event. Therefore, the delegates are requested to bring with them copies of the documents.

Korea Secretariat website:

To watch video of Gyeongju, click here

 Final list of participants
 List of documents, Revision 3 (A/19/list doc. rev.3)
 Information Note No. 1 (A/19/Note Inf. 1)
 Information Note No. 2 (A/19/Note Inf. 2)
 Information Note No. 3 (A/19/Note Inf. 3)
 Information Note No. 4 (A/19/Note Inf. 4)
 1. Provisional agenda, Revision 1 (A/19/1 prov. rev.1)
 1. Annotated agenda, Revision 1 (A/19/1 prov. annot. rev.1)
 1. Structure, Revision 3 (A/19/1 struc. rev.3)
 4(a) New membership (I) (A/19/4(a)(I))
 4(a) New membership (II) (A/19/4(a)(II))
 4(a) New membership (II), Addendum 1 (A/19/4(a)(II) add.1)
 4(b) Suspension of membership (A/19/4(b))
 4(b) Suspension of membership, Addendum 1 (A/19/4(b) add.1)
 5. Report of the Secretary-General (A/19/5)
 5. Guidelines for participation in the General Debate (A/19/Debate)
 6. Report of the Executive Council to the General Assembly (A/19/6)
 7. Report of the Credentials Committee (A/19/7)
 7. Report of the Credentials Committee, Addendum 1 (A/19/7 add.1)
 8. Report of the Chair of the Affiliate Members (A/19/8)
 9. Implementation of the General programme of work for 2010-2011 (A/19/9)
 9. Implementation of the General programme of work for 2010-2011, Addendum 1 (A/19/9 add.1)
 9. Publications Catalogue (Reference document) (A/19/ pub.doc.ref.)
 9. Publications Catalogue (Reference document), Revision 1 (A/19/ pub.doc.ref. rev.1)
 10(a) Closing of the audited administrative accounts of the seventeenth financial period (2008-2009) (A/19/10(a))
 10(b) Financial situation of the Organization (A/19/10(b))
 10(b) Financial situation of the Organization, Addendum 1 (A/19/10(b) add.1)
 10(c) Human Resources situation of the Organization (A/19/10(c))
 10(c) Human resources situation of the Organization (Reference document), Revision 1 (A/19/10(c) ref.doc.rev.1)
 10(d) Election of the Members of the UNWTO Staff Pension Committee for 2012-2013 (A/19/10(d))
 10(e) Election of the Auditors for 2012-2013 (A/19/10(e))
 10(f) Revision of the Financial Regulations (A/19/10(f))
 10(g) Agreements concluded by the Organization (A/19/10(g))
 10(g) Agreements concluded by the Organization, Addendum 1 (A/19/10(g) add.1)
 10(h) Use of the UNWTO logo (A/19/10(h))
 10(h) Use of the UNWTO logo, Corrigendum (A/19/10(h) corr.)
 11. Report on the progress of the reform of the Organization (White Paper) (A/19/11)
 11. Merging of the Programme Committee and the Committee on Budget and Finance (Annex 1) A/19/11 ann.1
 11. Draft Rules of Procedure of the Committee of the Affiliate Members (Annex 2)
 11. UNWTO Knowledge Network (Annex 3) (A/19/11 ann.3)
 11. Modernizing the UNWTO we is neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its contents. This is a safe-cache copy of the original web site.