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  • Kate 01:11 on 2016/01/07 Permalink | Reply  

    CBC (and now Metro) have this story about a local musician who says his hard drives were stolen, containing “master tapes” for an album, and somehow he got them back. Cool story, bro.


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  • Kate 00:23 on 2016/01/07 Permalink | Reply  

    Some food trucks are operating this winter, which is odd because I definitely remember the trucks had a defined season, at least at first.

  • Kate 00:10 on 2016/01/07 Permalink | Reply  

    Mathias Marchal reports on WeDo, the app for finding someone to do your personal snow removal.

  • Kate 00:07 on 2016/01/07 Permalink | Reply  

    Right now the city only opens emergency cold-weather shelters when it’s –27°, not a temperature we often get. A petition launched this week is asking for this to be adjusted up to –15°. I don’t even understand the quote from Matthew Pearce about preferring to force people into regular shelters when he must know some have animals which will not be accepted. The petition is here.

  • Kate 00:00 on 2016/01/07 Permalink | Reply  

    The truck that knocked down and killed a pedestrian on Tuesday afternoon wasn’t a FedEx van after all and the driver may not face charges.

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    • Matt G 00:32 on 2016/01/07 Permalink

      “There may be a possibility that the driver didn’t know about the impact and continued his run without knowing someone was under his truck”.

      Jeez. How? And even so, once you realize a man is down on the road and your truck is likely to have dragged him there, shouldn’t you stay and call for help at least?

  • Kate 21:34 on 2016/01/06 Permalink | Reply  

    It’s a joke, isn’t it? A cop has received a two-day suspension for bludgeoning two student protesters in 2012 who were doing nothing more than holding a banner, while a colleague pepper-sprayed them. Took ‘em nearly four years to sort that out.

    In contrast, police who shot a man dead when he came at them with a knife during an intervention in a domestic dispute in May 2015 will not face charges.

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    • Matt G 00:25 on 2016/01/07 Permalink

      Imagine this: a special task force or committee comprised of lawyers and citizens, independent of any police force, that would investigate alleged transgressions and render a decision within weeks. Presiding: our new minister of fantasy, Licorne Rose.

    • faiz Imam 01:36 on 2016/01/07 Permalink

      This recent article by a local ER pediatrician about police brutality might be worth a read:

  • Kate 21:25 on 2016/01/06 Permalink | Reply  

    Two readers have recommended another Buzzfeed piece today, a good long piece about the Montreal melon. Is somebody really growing bananas on Île Perrot? I can well believe the man in the story is growing sumac. Sumac grows all over, like weeds.

    Kate, Alison Cummins, Kevin, and 1 other are discussing. Toggle Comments

    • Nathan 21:32 on 2016/01/06 Permalink

      There are exotic plant fans of all kinds all over the place. Right up in St Hyacinth there is a succulent nursery growing mostly exotic cacti and succulents from all over.

    • Kate 21:47 on 2016/01/06 Permalink

      Outdoors, or in a greenhouse?

    • Kevin 22:31 on 2016/01/06 Permalink

      There’s a nursery on Ile Perrot with a great many dwarf and zone-adjusted exotic fruit trees.

    • Kate 23:15 on 2016/01/06 Permalink

      I await the Montreal mango.

    • Alison Cummins 00:26 on 2016/01/07 Permalink

      I had a yucca in my front yard here in Montreal for a while. It survived at least two winters and then I gave it away — I found it disturbing. The floralies at Parc-Jean-Drapeau have some beds with yuccas and other desert-adapted plants.

    • Kate 01:06 on 2016/01/07 Permalink

      And I know someone who’s got a massive planter of sempervivums in his garden and they come back every spring. But bananas?!

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