Wicked Cool Java

Code Bits, Open-Source Libraries, and Project Ideas
by Brian D. Eubanks

November 2005, 248 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-59327-061-2
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The Java programming language lurks behind both basic computing technology and everyday gizmos—Pocket PCs, Palm handhelds, computer operating systems, even some cell phones. So why don’t more people know how to get the most out of Java? Wicked Cool Java is an idea sourcebook that offers 101 exciting and useful tips, techniques, examples and project ideas. Professionals looking to enhance their code and make their job easier, as well as hobbyists searching for neat tricks, can combine these pointers in hundreds of different ways to create their own coding.

With Wicked Cool Java, you will learn to:

  • Convert a non-XML text structure into XML using a parser generator, and work with XML APIs from the Java core and from open-source projects
  • Experiment with a Java simulator for the Cell Matrix so you can build and test your cell circuits, and connect them together in a distributed system with others across the Internet
  • Work with open-source class libraries for scientific and mathematical applications
  • Create dynamic music and sound in Java and apply some Java APIs for simple data sonification
  • Reuse code in ways that open-source Java projects allow by taking advantage of the wealth of free Java libraries

Not intended as a basic tutorial, Wicked Cool Java will help developers and system architects capitalize on their preexisting knowledge and take advantage of everything the programming language has to offer. Filled with example code, this book will definitely be a welcome find for anyone who enjoys experimenting and modifying Java code—and who wants to make their code wicked cool.

Visit the book's companion site for errata, code samples, and links to projects mentioned in the text.

About the Author

Brian D. Eubanks is a consultant, speaker, author, and trainer specializing in Internet technologies and the founder of Eu Technologies, Inc. He has more than 20 years experience as a computer programmer, network engineer, and systems consultant. His current work focuses on Java, XML and Flash.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Java Language and Core API
Chapter 2: String Utilities
Chapter 3: Processing XML and HTML
Chapter 4: Crawling the Semantic Web
Chapter 5: Math and Science
Chapter 6: Graphics and Data Visualization
Chapter 7: Multimedia and Sychronization
Chapter 8: Fun, Integration and Project Ideas




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"I did enjoy reading about many of the APIs that I was unfamiliar with. The text inspires me to want to try out some of the material presented therein."
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