myGengo Translation.Express

We designed, animated and produced a small promotional screencast-based video for myGengo, an exciting Tokyo-based startup which has an exciting track record of providing really amazing human-based translation services. You can see the animation here.

Genten 2: Milestones

The latest video I directed for Onitsuka Tiger, “Genten Episode 2: Milestones / 軌跡” is out now. The Japanese version is here.

About the video:
Since being founded in 1949, Onitsuka Tiger has always been dedicated to innovation. Genten Episode 2: Milestones follows the company’s commitment to product development via a series of interviews with the individuals who from the start worked collaboratively and intensely to make detailed, yet holistic products for the Japanese market. Together, they pushed the potential of sports through prototyping, innovation and teamwork.

1949年の創業以来、オニツカタイガーは常に 新しいアイデアを追求し続けてきました。Genten Episode 2: Milestones(軌跡)は当初からプロダクトを創造してきたメンバーへのインタビューと、日本用に発売されたデイテイ-ルにこだわったプロダクトを通して、オニツカタイガーの<プロダクト開発にかける情熱>をクローズアップしました。
また、当時のオニツカタイガーは 試作品、新しいアイデア、チームワークで(トップ選手からのリクエストに応えようと作成し続けたプロダクトを通して)スポーツ競技の可能性に挑戦してきました。

Big thanks to Iwaoka-san and the Onitsuka Tiger team for their constant support through the project. Thanks to AQ for project management Toshiki Senoue for his excellent camerawork and translation, Thien Huynh for doing the voiceover and Lullatone for providing excellent music, as always!

"Vitamin C" E*Rock/Can

New video for E*Rock’s space edit of the classic Can song “Vitamin C”. See it here.

Onitsuka Tiger "Genten"

In the summer of 2011, I headed to Kobe with Toshiki Senoue and Ippu Sansan to shoot a trio of videos documenting ASICS employee and blogger Mutaurwa Mapondera as he visited the birthplace of Onitsuka Tiger for the first time. The first episode is up now– one of the final brand stories for Onitsuka Tiger crafted with AQ for the year.

The Lean Alternative

A brief overview of Arcosanti, an experimental architectural site and community in Arizona. This video was created to accompany my essay in TOO MUCH Magazine #2 on Arcosanti.

Music by E*Rock

ASICS Kurihashi

Mini-documentary following the life of an ASICS Japan employee.

Onitsuka Tiger 2011

Working with the lovely folks at AQ, we designed, animated and did post-production on a series of 20+ video devices that are being used in Onitsuka Tiger’s 2011 campaign. See a sample here.

Duke University Research 2

Animated training video for Duke University’s PhD program in Ethnographic Research.

Duke University Research 1

Animated intro for training video series for Duke University’s PhD program in Ethnographic Research.

Onitsuka Tiger “Aisen”

Brand video for Onitsuka Tiger’s new “Aisen” line of shoes- made with traditionally dyed indigo denim. View the video here.

ASICS Olympics

Animated information graphics for the ASICS Olympic website for the Dutch Olympic team.

Fan Letter

Fan Letter: 26 Artists and Designers Present Their Favorite Letter or Typographic Character

My contribution is here– an ode to the letter “B”.

Twenty-six local, national, and internationally-based designers and artists give a two-minute ode to an alphabet letter or typographic character. These may range from multimedia presentations, performances, videos, stories, poems, animations, songs, stand-up comedy, rants, short plays, demonstrations, Gregorian chants, etc—however they choose to depict their letter.

Fan Letter is organized and emceed by Bruce Willen and Nolen Strals of Post Typography, authors of a new book from Princeton Architectural Press, Lettering & Type: Creating Letters and Designing Typefaces. This event is the launch party for the book, and also takes place in conjunction with Lubalin Now, the inaugural exhibition in the newly relocated Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design and Typography. The participants in Fan Letter include many designers whose work is featured in the exhibition as well as in Lettering & Type.

Artists, designers, illustrators, and musicians participating in Fan Letter:
Colleen Asper—New York (C); Ken Barber & Ben Kiel—Delaware, House Industries (H); Nicholas Blechman—New York, Nozone, New York Times (X); Kim Bost and Ted McGrath—New York (T); Ryan Brown—New York (,); Deanne Cheuk—New York (L); Doug Clouse & Angela Voulangas—New York (.); Andrew Byrom—Los Angeles (N); Jennifer Daniel—New York, New York Times (D); John Downer—Iowa City (J); Rowen Frazer—New York (O); Isaac Gertman—New York (R); Holly Gressley—New York (Y); Jessica Hische—New York (W); Justin Thomas Kay—New York (&); Jonathan Keller—New York (Q); Ian Lynam—Japan (B); Lisa Malone—New York (M); Kelley McIntyre—Baltimore (G); Abbott Miller—Baltimore, Pentagram (A); Ted Mineo—New York (E); Daniel Gardiner Morris—New York, The Arm (V); Adam Okrasinski—New York (K); Christopher Papasidero—New York, fwis (F); Tore Terrasi—Boston (I); Khoi Vinh—New York, New York Times (H);

PDX Film Fest

A medley of animated bumpers for the Portland Documentary and eXperimental Film Festival from 2003 through 2009. These animations reflect the ongoing project of the annual identity update of the PDX Film Fest.

Scion Installation

Commissioned video piece for Scion’s 2008/2009 Installation tour. See the film here.


A music video for Portland, Oregon electronic musician Strategy’s song “Lower Macleay” off of his new album, Music for Lamping on Audio Dregs Recordings. View the video here.

Craig Wedren & E*Vax

Music video for Mold Recordings 7″ record release, “Day Ditty” by Craig Wedren & E*Vax. The footage was filmed by my grandfather, Edward Lynam, in the early 1950s. View the video here.


Design and animation for NHK/WKTokyoLab’s series “Tokyo.Now”. The animation proposes a modular Tokyo of the future which embodies Tokyoites’ love of sightseeing and exploring the world through their city. See the movie here.

Rap-Up TV

Intro animation for Rap-Up TV, Rap-Up Magazine’s series of webfilms and online content. Other aspects of the project include elements of a traditional broadcast package (bugs, lower thirds, title slates) and design of assorted on-screen ephemera (microphone boxes and backdrops). See the animation here.

Alfa Romeo

Qoob commissioned me to create this short film for online and outdoor deployment for Alfa Romeo’s Mi.To, the Italian car manufacturer’s premiere compact car. The film was shown online, as well as on massive electronic billboards in Italy. Soundtrack by E*Rock.

Hifana "Connect"

Design of Hifana’s music video, “Connect” for WKTokyoLab/EMI Virgin. See the music video here.

GOOD "E-Waste"

Mini-documentary about the dangers and realities of electronic waste for GOOD Magazine. Featured in the Media That Matters Film Festival, Singapore Film Festival, and many, many others. I co-directed this film with Morgan Currie, as well as designing, animating, and editing. Music by 1999. See the film here. is neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its contents. This is a safe-cache copy of the original web site.