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When Is the Best Time to Do Homework?

The Smartest Time For Homework


As many students start their second semester, it's important that they finish the school year on a high note. This may mean studying more and altering their homework routine. While some kids work best after school, others may have more focus after a playdate. Here, real moms share their opinion on the optimal homework time.

Right After School

Many moms find that the best time for kids to do homework is directly after school, before distractions set in. As Lori C. shares, "It's a lot easier than pulling them away from the TV or a video game once they've started playing." Janet T. also recommends this routine: "I have my kids do it directly after school. I feel that by doing this I am instilling the 'work first, play second' mentality. I also believe that I am teaching them to be responsible and not procrastinate."

After a Play Break

Other moms find that allowing kids a postschool break for a little play before settling them down to do homework works well, as it helps them burn off bottled-up energy. As Pam C. notes, the wane of daylight may be another reason to consider a play break before homework time. "Once it starts getting dark early, I do let her go out to play first, only because there is limited daylight playtime, and she's not allowed out after dark."

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