Women in Horror [ 19 ]

Women in Horror: Part Eighteen

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  It may be March but I’m still rolling with WiHM!

Today, my dear friends, is the final article. Yes…it’s true. Please do not weep, do not lose hope, we will meet again. For now we can explore a great viewpoint on the whole concept of Women in Horror from editor, author, anthologist & all-round great friend…Joe Myndhardt…


Female authors, characters and inspirations… and those who have a problem with them.

by Joe Mynhardt

I learned something over the last few days; I learned that there is still a lot prejudice when it comes to the work of female …

Women in Horror: Part Seventeen

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Today we’re joined by author Roh Morgon on what horror means to her…



It’s an honor to have been selected to participate in the HWA’s recognition of Women in Horror Month.



Examining the accomplishments of women in this genre has forced me to look closer at my own work and determine whether or not it actually belongs in the horror category.


Before discussing the contributions of women writers to the horror genre, we should first conduct a brief examination of the genre itself.




The word conjures images of screaming women, dripping blades, …

Women in Horror: Part Sixteen

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