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Getting in the Mood


So, you want to give a prospective client a glimpse of what you can do. Perhaps you want to convey the “essence” of the Website or branding campaign you would create if the company hired you. A mood board—a sort-of collage of images, patterns, colors, fonts, and interactive elements—might be just the thing you need […]


Engaging Customers Through Product Configuration

David Loewy

It’s a bespoke world.

Today’s consumers are drawn to statement-making products that reflect who they are and the way they live. They’re bored by anything that smacks of off-the-shelf, preferring goods that showcase their personal styles. Industries as diverse as automotive, design and fashion are responding, engaging online customers by giving them the ability to customize and personalize products through product configuration tools.


#Facebook: What’s Not to Like?

Jessica Guidoboni

Facebook has once again upped the ante, this time joining the ranks of Twitter and Pinterest with clickable hashtags. Now FB users can follow online conversations about a specific topic as they unfold in real-time.


The Phased Approach to Website Redesigns

David Loewy

On the brink of a website launch? Or maybe a major redesign? If your firm is like most, it’s been a long time coming. We all have enormous expectations about how our sites can power our businesses and enhance our brands. We want them to live up to their promise and take advantage of sales momentum. And we don’t want to disappoint the marketplace.


Canning the “Fold” & Responsive Mania

Danica Killelea

If you’re asking yourself what we’re referring to here, the “fold” is a term that was born with the beloved newspaper, and was used to describe the fold line at which a paper cuts off, once folded in half and displayed on a newspaper stand. This term was carried over to web design in the 1990s, and the concept of designing “above the fold” was seen as one of the great challenges of creating a successful website. In this context, the “fold” is the area where the web browser cuts off, just before the user is required to use the scrollbar. Thus, the area “above the fold” is the top section of a web design that a user can immediately see without scrolling.

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Helloewy is the blog of Loewy, a full-service interactive agency. It's a shout-out to what inspires us, to what's new and what’s coming in online media and beyond, an interactive peek into our seething brain-pans.

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