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Wendy4 Video

I never get tired of watching a Wendy4 video, i could watch her over and over again getting undressed and laying on her bed exploring her hot body. I love the way she touches her amazing 32F sixe boobs in this wendy4.com video and how she covers her nipples. If you liked this video check out monstertits.org blog and enjoy watching other super hot busty babes like Wendy massaging their phenomenal jugs in front of the camera just for you. And we bet that you will adore this nice and hot scene of hers today without any more questions asked. So let’s get her show on the road and see her once more in action as she shows off for you.

This time as you can clearly see, the cute and sexy babe was wearing a nice and sexy lingerie set that was colored black and had some flower designs on it. And it made her look super cute and sexy as well. Sit back and watch the smoking hot beauty as she takes her spot on the sofa to do her posing for you and watch as she starts taking off the bra to show off that nice and big pair of tits that she has. She wanted you to get to see this nice and sexy view of behind the scenes of her shoots and we think that you will love it as all of her other superb scenes. Have fun with it and check out her past updates as well for some more of her!

See Wendy naked on the bed playing with her big boobs!

Wendy4 – Live Cam Show

Heave you ever watched a wendy4 live cam show? You are going to love it i tell you that. Like Michelle Thorne, another hot and busty model, she likes to chat with her fans and she always gives them close up views to her amazing large boobs on wendy4.com. She is so nice, adorable and friendly to anyone. Make sure you watch one of her live cam shows because you have no idea what you’re missing. Well we did promise you a nice and hot surprise and it’s finally here. As we said it takes the form of this little web cam show and you get to see the cutie go a bit wild for you guys her fans as you posed questions for the sexy beauty to answer today.

She also never tried doing a cam show before and so this was a bit of a first for the sexy and hot babe today. But we think that you will agree that she still did a great job nonetheless. She was wearing her sexy red shirt, and as always no bra underneath as this babe always says that they are uncomfortable for her. So just sit back and watch her get more and more naughty as she starts to reveal more and more of her big juicy breasts for you guys. Sit back and watch her playing with them and teasing you with them as well and do make sure to drop by next week as well for another amazing scene as well with her!

Watch Wendy showing off her boobs in a live cam show!

Brown Tank

Lovely Wendy4 is spending a nice relaxing day at the beach. The weather is perfect for a bath so she is taking a walk with her feet in the water to cool herself down. She is not wearing a bra and this is great because you can almost see those amazing and natural big boobs thro that tiny brown tank. Take few more steps Wendy and those sexy boobs will surely pop out that top you’re wearing! Man I’d love to see that happening. And well we bet that you would too. Anyway in today’s scene the cutie returns to the seaside for another amazing and sexy scene and you get to enjoy it full as always as she teases you with her superb body.

No bikinis today as the only one that came with her cute white panties, was a bit too tight for her, and so she decided to just keep on her brown tank top. Sit back and look at her scene as she gets to play in the water and with that you get to see her getting all wet, and her amazing tits were sticking out quite nicely for a superb view after she got wet too. Well it’s not like the loose tank was covering a lot of her tits anyway, but hey at least she tried. Enjoy seeing her in action today as always and make sure you don’t miss our future update with the babe okay? we guarantee that you will be in for one superb and sexy scene with her!

  Watch Wendy showing off her boobs in a live cam show!

Wendy4 Topless

This is one of my favorite Wendy4 topless gallery. I love the way she covers her nipples, i find it extremely arousing. She really knows how to tease a man, just like another hot model, Linsey Dawn Mckenzie. As long as i can watch her topless i don’t mind at all. Take a look inside this gallery and i guarantee you will fell in love at first sight. No man can resist her, and not just because she was blessed with a pair of natural very large boobs, but because of her look, smile and personality! Well that and like we said, her simply huge and round sexy tits as well. Anyway, let’s get her show on the road and see this brow haired beauty in action as she gets to play with herself as much as she wants just for your viewing pleasure.

Just like last time she was fancying revealing some more of her superb body and you would get to see it today. Sit back and watch her posing in her sexy dress and then see her removing it as she only keeps on her cute and small sexy panties. Sit back and watch this busty beauty as she reveals those big round tits to you guys once more and watch her playing around with herself just for your enjoyment as well. We hope that you liked her scene as always and we will be returning next time with more. Bye bye!

See Wendy posing topless and playing with her big boobs!

Wendy 4 Naked

You are going to love this next pictorial of Wendy 4 naked on a white sand beach posing in a public place. She has gotten comfortable getting naked in public but this naked mature milf has confessed that she won’t do this anytime soon. So if you want to see her naked take a look inside this amazing gallery and enjoy watching her exposed in public in a beautiful setting. Well to be fair the setting itself was the beach side and you know that you can never go wrong with it when you get to have a nice and hot babe as the model posing. And you know that we had that part down with miss Wendy and her simply delicious and sexy curves.

This scene of hers starts off with her as she poses once more. And you know to expect her superb and sexy poses in which she hopes to tease you as much as she can. But this nice afternoon the babe has a nice bonus for you guys to see. And namely that was to show off some more of her body by taking off her bikini for you guys. Take your time and enjoy watching the cutie as she shows off her superb and round natural big tits today and you will also get to see her removing her panties as well for you. But you just get to have some quick glimpses of her cute ass and nothing more as the cutie doesn’t want you to see more this time!

 Click here and watch sexy Wendy naked in a public place!

Sexy White Top

This is one of my favorite pictures of Wendy taken from one of her most amazing Wendy4 gallery. I like how that white top is slips down her shoulders revealing her phenomenal natural large breasts. I like the way she smiles and they way she looks to the camera with those beautiful eyes. She has a perfect look no question about that, and they way she is posing on the floor with her beautiful legs makes me want to fall on my knees in front of her. She’s looking great, just like the models from bikini heat website. Talking about getting naughty last week, the cute and sexy babe sure outdid herself with this nice and fresh scene of hers today. Let’s sit back and see what it was all about shall we?

Another fresh week started and there was no way that we would be missing the opportunity to show off her latest scene. We said last week that she got kind of naughty and decided to do the shoot then. But today like we said earlier, she kind of outdid herself as you will see. In this one the only thing that she was wearing was nice and wide white tank top and she was all set to tease you as much as she could with it as she was doing her best to cover up as much as she could of her simply superb and sizzling hot curves with it. Well you still get to see a few peeks at her more private parts and her sexy round ass as well so make sure you don’t miss a single image!

Enjoy Wendy posing and revealing her amazing tits!

Wendy 4 Boobs

I like Wendy’s galleries because she always chooses the most incredible settings like she did for this Wendy 4 boobs video gallery. She is always shooting somewhere outdoors. Her photos are simply amazing and i love how the sun lights up her smooth and silky tanned skin. I like her sensual look and i can’t take my eyes off her natural huge juggs. So you definitely should take a look at stripping naked and touching her nipples, it’s simply mind blowing! I really love it when she lifts up her shirts revealing her amazing breast. She always covers her nipples, a gesture that i find really exciting. So let’s see the amazing babe in action once more today.

She was ready to expose her superb curves once more for everyone to see and we bet that you will remember this little scene of hers for a long time. She was outdoors once more and she decided to do a nice little photo shoot after she got done with her swimming for the afternoon and she was feeling rather naughty. So today you get to sit back and see her as she reveals that she’s wearing no bra underneath her yellow shirt. And as she lifts it up you guys get to see her big natural tits in all of their glory today as she wants to show them off once more. We will be seeing you next week with more of her content and so stay tuned everyone!

Watch Wendy lifting up her top revealing her big boobs!

Wendy4 Shower

Take a look at thing incredibly hot Wendy4 shower video gallery that was taken while she travelled to Southwest Florida for a shooting session. As Wendy confessed to us, it was incredibly hot and steamy on that day, and after a day of work she had the chance to cool herself down by taking a nice outdoor shower. Of course she started teasing while she was getting nice and clean, by bending over giving us a close up view of her natural large breasts. In this image she looks simply breathtaking. Well she always looks like that, but she was looking even more so this specific day in her superb photo shoot for the afternoon. So let’s see this busty brunette in action shall we?

Wendy went for a nice and hot little outdoor shoot this time as the sun was high in the sky and she was more than happy to get to catch some rays and have some naughty fun while she was at it as well. As you can see she was wearing another simply sizzling hot bikini swimsuit that was all red and it sure made her look even more sexy than usual. And like we said, in addition to her regular posing around and teasing you get to watch the kinky and sexy busty babe as she takes a nice outdoor shower to expose her curves some more for you. Enjoy seeing those amazingly hot and sexy curves of hers all wet as she plays around to tease you!  If you wanna see another busty beauty taking off her clothes in front of the video camera, check out slutty Kelsey Obsession‘s site!

Enjoy Wendy having an outdoor shower exposing boobs!

Wendy 4 Gallery

Check out this next amazing Wendy 4 Gallery which was taken when she took a trip to New Orleans. Wendy met few of her horny fans there and decided to shoot more videos and pictures for her site. Check out Melissa Clarke Galleries if you want to see another horny babe in a great photo shooting scene. In this gallery she is wearing her simply sexy black underwear and a white top. Watch her slowly stripping off to reveal her tanned body, amazingly sexy and beautiful natural big breasts and perfectly round butt in today’s super sexy and hot scene that she delivers directly to your screens like in every week so far.

The naughty and sexy babe was wearing her white tank top and a sexy black set of lingerie underneath with a garter belt. Well she wasn’t wearing any thigh high stockings so the suspenders just remained dangling in the air. But that’s not to say that her whole attire made her look any less sexy than she already is anyway. So just sit back and watch this beautiful woman strike sensual poses for you all afternoon long and see her showing off that nice and big pair of round natural breasts just for you today. We’re sure you will love it and stay tuned for another one of her amazing scenes next week everyone. Bye bye and have fun with her gallery!

See gorgeous Wendy displaying her hot butt and big tits!

Wendy4 Fiore

Take a look at this unique gallery of Wendy4 Fiore on a white sand beach wearing a sexy tiny swimming suit. If her hot look and beautiful smile is not enough to turn you on, her perfect slim body and natural big boobs will surely do. She looks hotter then the weather at the time the footage was made. If you liked this cutie and you want to see other busty babes revealing their enormous boobs, come inside bustybritain.org.uk site. Enjoy this sexy and busty brown headed babe as she gets around to show off her superb body to you guys without delay today. We know you’ll enjoy it so let’s just get started without further due shall we?

Miss Wendy is very proud of her body, and she should be. And to boot as you know, she always just adores showing it off as well. This week she decided to go for a nice and sexy sea side photo shoot and she was wearing her super sexy and hot bikini as well. Take your time and watch as the superb babe with long flowing brown hair takes her time to expose her curves to you, and watch her past scene as well for more amazing galleries. Anyway, we are hoping that you will enjoy her sexy little scene for the day and we will bring you more of her along with her simply superb body next week as she poses and shows off some more for you. See you then!

 Enjoy Wendy showing off her hot body and big boobs!

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