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FUNcube Telemetry Dashboard

The Dashboard Installer for Windows can be downloaded here:

FUNcube Dashboard Installer v848

The Guidance Notes can be downloaded from here  – please read them before loading and running the software!

FUNcube Dashboard Install & Ops Guidance Notes – Release 1.6


For additional advice and information please check the forum

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  1. jamesgoode98 permalink

    Is there a Linux version of this software?

    • g3vzv permalink

      Please see page 20 of the guidance notes which is available for download on this page!
      Also you can review the website which has lots of information



      • jamesgoode98 permalink

        Thanks Graham, My blog is on Linux software. I am happy to publish articles on Linux uses in funCube and AMSAT projects – so feel free to submit them to give your good work a wider audience.


  2. Леонид Сёмка permalink

    Молодцы спасибо за хорошую работу транспондера . UR5MQD

  3. Phil Karn permalink

    Is the telemetry encoding format documented anywhere? It appears it’s using the concatenated Reed-Solomon/Viterbi scheme I designed for AO-40, and I wish I had known because much of my AO-40 design was forced by the limitations of that particular spacecraft and particularly the damage it experienced. High and low altitude satellites are generally also very different problems requiring different solutions; high altitude satellites have long passes, weak signals and little fading unless it’s a property of the antennas (as on AO-40). Satellites in LEO have short passes, much stronger signals and heavy fading due to tumbling and rapidly changing aspect angles.

    • Nicolas Appel permalink

      I’d also be interested in the encoding format, so that I can compare the funcube encoding with other schemes such as LDPC or Reed-Solomon codes. For the ‘normal’ Cubesat link, these codes are probably much more suitable.

      I have developed a channel model for the cubesat of my university a few months ago and I’d love to verify it with funcube telemetry data. So, if the team could release the source code or at least publish a document that explains the encoding in great detail, that’d be great.

      @Phil Karn: Have you ever experienced fading effects due to multipath propagation? We have received roughly about 2000 telemetry frames of funcube-1, most of them severely damaged. Since our antennas are cross-polarized yagis, I rule out spin fading.

  4. Fernando permalink

    And what about a RPI dashboard version?. It may be greath to capture and forward telemetry without leaveng my Pc on all day.!! and

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