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In Search of Chicken Parm in Korea

With the Golden Globes just wrapping up in LA, much of the takeaway from this year’s award gala revolved around Leo and The Revenant and the risque tone of host Ricky Gervais, with his annual pledge to push the proverbial envelope a little further. But one thing that stirred up a lot of buzz behind […]

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3239Lodge, Enjoying Lobster in an Urban Setting

Do you have any idea where you can enjoy some lobster that is not necessarily near the beach but actually in a central urban area? Itaewon, which always showcases something beyond expectations, is home to some great lobster! Specifically, the famed lobster restaurant, “3239Lodge”. This upscale casual atmosphere is a welcoming sight. Also, there are […]

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The Bay 101 – Placating the stimulation needs of your mouth and eyes

If we had no choice but to just accept the sweltering hot summer of Korea, there’s only way we would go about doing so: just grin and bear it alongside a beach. And you could do no worse than toughing it out along Busan’s Haeundae Beach. Among the bustling restaurants that line the main street […]

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6 All-You-Can-Eat Joints in Hongdae

Among the hordes of college students from neighboring Yonsei, Ewha, Sogang, and Hongdae Universities, a common trait exists between them. The need for eating on the cheap. To cater to these frugal tendencies of down-and-out denizens, All-You-Can-Eat restaurants have become mainstays in this bustling area of Seoul, where you can find great deals to fill […]

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Le Pub in Seocho-gu

  With the craft beer craze in full swing in Korea, it seems like a new hot place is opening up each week. But a factor that often plays out is how strong the marriage is between the food menu and the beer menu. Many pubs struggle with this, however, of those who are able […]

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Gangnam’s Bowling Pubs

Korea loves to come up with hybrid ways of having fun. And in this case, they’ve taken bowling alleys and mixed them with a pub atmosphere. Pierrot Strike operates in Cheongdam-dong and offers a range of food, drinks, and fun. And not just bowling fun, they also have rows of pool tables, air hockey, darts, […]

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The Moroccan Food of Seoul

Moroccan cuisine has not caught on much in Korea, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t have a presence here. There are attempts. Some better than others. Here’s a round-up of 5 known Moroccan places that we picked up on our gastro radar. Although Rabat has also labeled itself as a wine restaurant, the real value […]

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Chuncheon is becoming much more than the ‘Dakgalbi’ town

Chuncheon has a lot going for it. If you’ve been around for a bit, you’ve probably heard that the city has made its name for being the origins of dakgalbi. But if their famed dish were to act as a compelling bait-and-switch just to come to the city, you’ll find much more than spicy chicken […]

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Bacon Cheese Kimchi Jeon at Wangbeenzza Sampajeon

Tucked away in north Seoul and within the vicinity of Dream Forest, you’ll find a small little eatery that specializes in jeon. Jeon has seen a lot of varieties over the years, but the ingredients always tend to involve ones that fall within the sphere of Korean culinary influence. Wangbeenja Sampajeon (왕빈자삼파전), however, has decided to […]

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Chuck’s Table Popping Up in Seoul

Chuckpotle Encore is a 3-day dining event hosted by Chuck’s Table, a pop-up eatery that is using the space at Rock Frites in Haebangchon for this limited time. From Thursday, April 16 to Saturday, April 18, the venue will be serving up amazing burgers, ribs, chili dogs, fries and a chili recipe that the owner […]

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