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We document free project designs using prototyping materials
supporting STEM teachers and hobbyists in the UK and worldwide.

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What We Do

Free classroom projects

We design high-impact programmable electronics projects, freely documenting how to source, build and teach with them. Our builds are Arduino-compatible using cheap components on solderless breadboard. More about Projects

Kits for sale

We offer pre-bagged kits, to simplify the task of sourcing and preparing our projects for the classroom and to support the development of more @ShrimpingIt projects. We offer schools their first example of any kit at cost prices. More about Kits

Workshops on request

We run workshops for learners and teachers, introducing solderless breadboard and programming tools, with project kits to take away. We also design bespoke workshop series for a host's subject-specific needs. More about Workshops

Projects Already Documented

Kits Already Bagged

This table shows how our kits can be reused and recombined to make different projects.

Complete project bundles are as low as £10-£12 pounds, but that only scratches the surface of the savings you can make.

The Shrimp Bundle and breadboards can be reused between projects, making your second and third projects truly pocket-money prices.

Within the Shrimp Bundle, the £3.30 USB UART modules are only needed when programming. If money is really tight, they can be held as a classroom resource, with learners taking programmed projects away which run from battery or hacked USB cables (allowing them to re-program at home is the ideal).

Finally projects can be transferred from breadboard to stripboard from just £0.44 per circuit, freeing a classroom's solderless breadboards for the next year group. More about Kits

Workshops for Learners, Teachers, Special Events

@ShrimpingIt has wide-ranging experience running workshops at schools and special events.

We have a variety of formats to help learners and educators with their first steps. Workshop attendees build their own circuits and program them, getting familiar with the components they will be taking home. In a full-day workshop format, for example, we learn how to connect inputs and outputs to build their own personal invention ideas. constructing programmable projects with cheap electronics prototyping material.

Venues or learners without computers can rely on our 24-laptop mobile hacking studio, configured to operate without dependencies on local network or computing infrastructure. More about Workshops