Every now and then I do attend and event. This can be a fantasy convention, a fursuit parade. Or just a nice outing. I try to make little reports of them and post them here. Enjoy!

2012: Confuzzled

The biggest furry convention in the UK. Many say this is a smaller edition of Eurofurence, and they are right! It was a blast
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2012: Kwak

One moment you are walking around on a fantasy convention, the other you are invited for a 48 hour move making marathon!
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2012: Meerkon 2

Every year, we try to have one meeting with just me and Titash. For the second time we went to Disneyland and Paris.
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2013: Laercon

The best way to celebrate new year has always been with friends. Going into 2013 watching fireworks dressed up as a meerkat was a 1st.
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2013: FC

In 2013 I had the pleasure to visit the biggest convention on the East Coast of the US. It was an amazing experience!
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2013: Stripdagen

Every now and then, there is a comic fair where we are invited. It sure is different than the average crowd, but that doesn't make it any less fun.
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2013: FWH

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The 2013 edition of Elf Fantasy Fair in Haarzuilen was once again a feast for your imagination. So many cool people.
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2013: Photoshoot

In April, we had a awesome and professional photoshoot in Schiedam. You can see the results of an afternoon of fun here.
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2013: Dreamnight

Once a year Dreamnight At The Zoo provides a lovely evening free of care for children with a severe disability. I was proud to be able to help along!
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Last year was amazing. This year was even better! Almost 2 weeks filled with awesome critters, friends and Dr.Who!
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2013: Zeeland Stroll

Zeeland, a beautiful province on the border with Belgium. We decided to check out Middelburg and it was lovely.
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2013: Fuzzy Leiden

Our first trip in downtown Leiden. The scenic center of the city with its big church and castle walls are a lovely sight.
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For the second time, we were part of the yearly Sinterklaas parade in Hilversum. It was a lot of fun, and not just for the thousands of kids.
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Mini Fairway Masters was a cute experiment: Mini Golfing Critters! Good thing they are better with cuddling though.
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What to do with a meerkat in liverpool? So many shinies, but oh so much wind! Good thing I had no umbrella with me.
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Furry Weekend Holland once more was a blast of an event. A weekend of friends and fun!

2014:A'foort Alive!

A sunny weekend, and besides music, you could find critters in Amersfoort that weekend!

2014: EFF

Every year the castle of Haarzuilen becomes the capital of Elfia; filled with magical creatures and alike.
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The Antwerp Convention was truly a walhalla for all geekery.And I got to meet Colin Baker, the 6th doctor!
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2014: Confuzzled

Another year, another Confuzzled, but now with 3 meerkats! Just imagine triple the chaos :)
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2014:Dag v/h Park

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