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start talking » She doesn't believe in soul mates...marriage is really just an exercise in humility, fidelity and selflessness. You can marry almost anyone and have a happy marriage as long as both of you are applying these principles...
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Would you evacuate if you lived in Stuy Town in NYC? Its between Zone B and C. DH wan...

08.26.11, 04:50 PM |
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Remeber that scene in Devil Wears Prada where the boss tells Anne Hathaway that she c...

08.26.11, 04:16 PM |
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What are the chances of flight delay/cancellation on Wednesday from Hartford to San F...

08.26.11, 04:15 PM |
  • General Topics

michael k evacuated!

08.26.11, 04:15 PM |
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Does Central Park ever get flooded and spill over into the neighborhoods? Wondering i...

08.26.11, 04:12 PM |
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I am outraged. DS has a cold so I went to make him Lipton's Cup o' Noodle (with one i...

08.26.11, 04:10 PM |
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Shy Spaghetti

 Angry Apples, Lonely Lettuce, and Sad Spinach…sounds a bit like a corny nursery rhyme at first. Give it a chance. Parents will find that when they dig into Shy Spaghetti and Excited Eggs: A Kid’s Menu of Feelings with their chidlren ...

08.26.11, 03:44 PM

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Highlights from the boards for the week of Aug 18th – Aug 24th: Can I Direct Naptime to Family Babysitter?… (21 Replies) Family member takes care of DD during summer; yesterday, she allowed my DD to take a nap very late in the day so ...

08.24.11, 01:35 PM

Write on Walls with Glowing Light
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This Weekend

 Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day Future Novaks and Serenas will be captivated the U.S. Open ground action. Kids can see the pros practice and sharpen their tennis skills (even if they’ve never played) at balance, agility and ball-hitting stati ...

08.25.11, 12:00 PM

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