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Milf Seeker Episode 227

July 2nd, 2009 | Author: admin

Milf Seeker Episode 227
Feisty asian cutie Kitty was a no-nonsense MILF who was all about the fuckin’! With the promise of the cream of some young guy she sucked off our eggrolls and took every inch in her forbidden city! Watch this milf take on our spicy pork in this one!

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Milf Seeker Episode 227

June 28th, 2009 | Author: admin

Milf Seeker Episode 227
Feisty asian cutie Kitty was a no-nonsense MILF who was all about the fuckin’! With the promise of the cream of some young guy she sucked off our eggrolls and took every inch in her forbidden city! Watch this milf take on our spicy pork in this one!

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Housewife Bangers Episode 65

June 24th, 2009 | Author: admin

Housewife Bangers Episode 65
Myles loves finding other men to fuck his wife! Nothing gets him off like a strange dude servicing his lady, and this time he’s got the perfect ringside seat! Our cameras capture all the action as musclebound John plows the lovely Satine into the mattress!

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Lexi Lamour shows pussy on the kitchen counter then gets drilled balls deep

June 20th, 2009 | Author: admin
Lexi Lamour shows pussy on the kitchen counter then gets drilled balls deep

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Lexi Lamour flashes her pussy while squatting on the kitchen counter. She then takes a big dick balls deep in her cougar pussy, my got look at those huge tits of her jiggle

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Friday | Slutty mother craves dick and sucks the cum out of her friend’s son’s cock!

June 16th, 2009 | Author: admin

Slutty mother craves dick and sucks the cum out of her friend’s son’s cock!

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Kaylas MILF Pussy is in Need of Attention

June 13th, 2009 | Author: admin

We spotted cute Kayla in the bank teller line. From looking at her car mirror she looked hot so we followed her out of the bank down the street into a shopping center parking lot and when she got out of her car, we called her over. Immediately she wondered what the camera was for and we told her we shot commercials and documentaries. We’re not sure if she fully believed it but she went along, and the whole time we were just checking out her nice tight body in her white shorts and pink cut off top. Kayla was doing her single mom thing: dropping the kids off at school, running errands and going shopping. She also threw in the fact that she hadn’t been out on a date in a while so that was the reason for the attention getting outfit. Well she sure got our attention. We gave her our number, hoping she would call and about the time we were going to call it a day, she did. Kayla was yearning from some sex and when she met Jay at the studio, it’s sex that she got. She went down on his cock almost immediately and Jay fucked that MILF pussy just like she wanted and definitely needed. Kayla was wild and was all over the bed in all kinds of positions before Jay blasted his load into her mouth. Thanks again Kayla for getting our attention. We hope we got yours.


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Black thug buffs big pair of white juggs

June 10th, 2009 | Author: admin

She liked that big black penis when she saw it. She wanted him to fuck her big tits. He was more than happy to oblige. Check out the interracial sex video preview below and get into Thugs and Juggs now. You’ll get access to 30+ exclusive adult sites with your low-cost trial membership.

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White girl does double anal porn for first time

June 7th, 2009 | Author: admin

Girl takes 2 in the stinkhole no problem

Ya gotta give credit where it’s due when a girl takes 2 huge black dicks in her ass. To me thats a scary situation no matter how you look at it. The girls at 2 in the Stink are taking double anal sex to the limits. This site is blowing up the adult review sites. Get it while its hot and you’ll get access to 30+ other exclusive adult sites in the OC network. No worries. Watch this clip and go to the site now!

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Amateur Milf hurries home for a good fuck

June 3rd, 2009 | Author: admin

MINIVAN MOMMIES – Get a load of this cute Amateur MILF, She just dropped the kids off at school, drove back home in her minivan and is ready to take a stiff cock in amateur wife pussy just for you. Go see the Adult Site Review for Minivan Mommies for yourself. Don’t you wish all amateur moms were this hot?

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PornStar Celebrity Blog #2 ? Gianna Lynn

May 31st, 2009 | Author: admin


It?s a beautiful day in Porn Valley! You could feel the sun?s warm rays bathing your skin; you could look up and see that there isn?t a single cloud in the normally smog-saturated sky; and you could almost see little black music notes escaping from the beaks of the chirping birds nestled in the perfectly green trees. It?s a postcard scene that would cynically mock someone dwelling in frozen tundra with the teasing words: ?Wish you were here, sucker!!? And as I?m sitting down in a little corner of a beautiful set, hidden somewhere in the lush hills of Tarzana, in the presence of one of my favorite companies, I?m thinking: ?My life is fucking great!!?

Last night at dinner, Brett invited me to come to set and write about my experience for that day. Once in a while, if I?m around the area I would stop by and bug them. I invite myself in, eat their food, accidentally cough during the pop shot, switch tapes around, and mischievously unplug wires?just kidding. But I do come and visit once in a while cuz they are so much fun to hang out with. So why not document it. And, also because I feel bad for procrastinating on a favor for Brett. For those that know him, he is obsessed with the Suicide Girls. I told him I would paint him a picture of Katie, one of their most popular models. That was over a year ago. So here I am.

After I?m warmly welcomed by the fabulous crew, I make a beeline for the craft service table and start chatting up a storm with one of my closest friends, Yesenia. (She does AMAZING makeup for them.) Then, I get brief instructions from Brett on writing this blog. (It?s my first ?Dear Diary? experience for NA. Be nice!) He came up with the idea for me to write a blog last night at dinner after reading this paper I did for a philosophy class. (Unfortunately, I only got an 89) It was on the movie The Secretary. After I scope out the house (it looks like a home from a page in Better Home and Gardens littered with bulky camera equipment, makeup chairs, naked women, and wires galore), I see my girl, Olivia O?Lovely strutting her sexy stuff as she poses seductively for the camera. Olivia is a good friend of mine. She is one of the first people I met when I started my porn career. It?s another reason Brett asked me to come today. He knows I haven?t seen her in a long time because she lives far. She looks fabulous as always; her beautiful face is framed by a cute new haircut and bangs. I ask her about her experience with Naughty America and she enthusiastically replies: ?I have so much fun! I always enjoy myself and the great storylines help get the slut out of me!? (Today for Latin Adultery, she is an angry Latino housewife who discovers red lipstick on her husband?s boxer shorts. She?ll turn the tables around by fucking her husband?s mistress?s husband, Kurt. What a fun situation.

I?m expecting a hot and passionate scene. I know that Oliva LOVES to fuck and it surely shows on camera. Sure enough, her dark exotic eyes light up with delight as Kurt buries his tongue deep inside her juice-drenched pussy. (It?s kinda starting to make my pussy juice up. Hee hee! ) Then, Kurt inserts his cock into her moist vagina and you hear her load moans of ?Dame lo, papi!? and ?Si! Si!? echo through the halls. Her screams get even LOUDER as she turns over and rides him cowgirl. (It’s starting to make me want to cheat on my Mexican husband so his sexy Mexican mistress?s girlfriend can fuck me and say dirty Spanish things in my ear the way Olivia?s doing to Kurt. Just kidding. I don?t have a husband. Lately, I haven?t even had sex outside of work! Maybe that?s why I?m so horny lately and having to keep replacing the AA batteries in my vibrators like there is no tomorrow! That damn pink Energizer bunny lies! It does NOT keep going and going and going!) Anyways, back to my blog.


In between breaks, Oliva and Kurt continue to fuck. Now that?s passion! They look like two sex-starved teenagers fucking underneath the bleachers during PE class! (Those were the days?hehe!) They continue to fuck until Kurt unloads a healthy stream of milky white crema onto Olivia?s pretty pillowed-lipped mouth, which then dribbled onto her fantastic breasts. Man, that girl is hot!!

Moving onto our next girl, the sexy Bobbi Starr arrives in a breezy yellow sundress. She isn?t shooting a scene, but she is taking pretty girl pictures for LA Erotica. As she ruffles through her bag filled to the brim with heels, fishnets, and assorted mini-skirts (I like to call these bags our ?slutcases?), I pester her with questions about her blossoming career. This 24 year old brunette hails from San Jose, California and started doing porn in October of 2006. Her first shoot in Los Angeles was for Naughty Office.

And being her first scene in an unfamiliar town, she describes her experience as ?anxiety-laden?, but proceeded to tell me that being on such a comfortable set made her uneasiness disappear. Her second scene was for Flip Side.

She told me she had to throw toilet paper around in an air stream trailer. What a cool thing to do for a job! Who wouldn?t love to wake up and say to themselves: ?I get to throw TP around, fuck, and get paid for it!? In your face, corporate America!! (I used to work for a mortgage company before this. Not that I didn?t love the 9 to 5 slave labor or the dull, cheerless cubicles I had to work in, but I definitely enjoy what I?m doing a lot more.) Anyways, there I go again with my random musings.

This company just keeps getting better and better! They most definitely do not sit on their laurels. And I?m not just saying that because I?m good friends with them. Ever since I started working for them in 2005, they keep expanding their limits on a consistent basis. They?re building new sites, they?re buying new studios, and they?re adding more creative team members onto their steadily growing roster of hard working people. I look forward to spending any amount time with NA, whether it is to shoot a fun sex scene for one of their sites or to hang out and write a blog about what it?s like to spend a day with them. Now, I?m going to go out and enjoy the rest of my cheerful day and maybe masturbate to this scene later when I?m on my date with my vibrator! (Dammit! I need to get laid off camera!!) Until next time?


Gianna Lynn

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