Almost an M is…well…almost an m. (The idea of being almost an M is fleshed out a bit in the first post on this blog–Shakespeare and Missiology.)

For some time he has been on mission regardless of where in the world he hung his hat. Ten of the past fifteen years he has lived in Eastern Europe. Over the years he has even had a few stints both as missionary and/or tentmaker. Whether by design or accident, these lines have often been blurred.

Now networking and consulting in the U.S., he seeks to learn, grow, and influence others while seeking to personally play a part individually and with his family in obeying the Great Commission.

He has been happily married for more than 15 years to a wonderful woman that is an encouragement, blessing, inspiration, and partner in life. They have two bubbly daughters that are a gift from God. Together, they live, love, and seek to be a blessing to those with whom they walk through life.

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