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Mostly Monochromatic

I recently discovered yet another Swedish decorating blog to swoon over, it’s called HEM and is authored by a lovely lady who decorates in mostly black and white and her name is Annaleena. Her home is so pretty and I love this collection of photos that she has snapped around her space, they make me feel peaceful.

Though stunning to behold, I couldn’t live in a black and white home but I do admire them from afar and love the extreme discipline that it must take to not bring anything with color or much pattern into the home – the editing one must do to ensure things stay perfectly black and white would make me go a little bonkers. I still love this look though and feel absolutely clear and calm when I see spaces that are so graphic and yet so natural and soothing.

I am so inspired and in love with Annaleena’s gorgeous home and the light she has filling each corner by day along with her classy, lovely decorating style. To be only black and white, it still feels so cozy and warm to me. The natural wood and different textures definitely make this space. LOVE. In fact, she’s the decor8 blog of the week so do visit her divine design posts daily over on HEM.

I wonder how many readers live in a mostly monochromatic home… Do you? What do you think of living around only black and white? What makes this look appealing to you personally?

(images: annaleenas hem)

February 9, 2012
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Loose Fit Sofa + Chair Covers For IKEA Furniture

For the past year or so, I’ve been completely smitten by the trend of loose-fit covers for sofas and chairs but it’s mostly being done by expensive furniture companies in Scandinavia, the Netherlands and Italy and I couldn’t seem to justify the expense.

Lately, I’ve been trying to “save” my IKEA KARLSTAD sofa which is currently sitting lonely and sad in my storage room. I’ve been dying to make the time to actually make my own loose slip to cover it, but I never seem to make the time to actually do it plus it’s a big undertaking for someone who has never covered a sofa before – I’m guessing it would take me about 3 days of non-stop work and another week or two to source the fabric at an affordable price. While I love to make my own stuff when I can, I was thrilled to find out that Swedish company BEMZ, who ships all over the world, recently releases their own loose slips for IKEA furniture. I’m thrilled beyond words and plan to order one as soon as possible so my IKEA sofa can come out of storage and play with me again!

This is my favorite one above…

You can also find some that fit more snugly if you love cleaner lines…

What do you think, do you like this look?

(images: bemz)

February 9, 2012
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Blogging + Styling + Photography Workshop in NYC March 3 & 4

I’m so happy to announce that the class I’ve been teaching online for three years alongside of Leslie Shewring is going on a road trip – we’ll be teaching LIVE in NYC on Saturday, March 3rd and Sunday, March 4th. This will be an inspirational and intensive weekend long workshop for those interested in learning the creative business of blogging (for all levels but you must have some knowledge of blogging). We will teach you the art of producing beautiful color stories, still life photographs and gorgeous inspirational vignettes that you can photograph and use on your blog and how to blog your best. (Full details here.) We have split the class into two days so you can take them both or just one, full details are below.

I have been blogging full-time as a business for over six years and Leslie is a color expert, photographer and stylist who holds a degree in Architecture and another in Interior Design who has a background in product design – her designs have been stocked on the shelves of stores like Target and some of her most recent clients include American Greetings, UPPERCASE magazine, Stampington and more. Together, we plan to share our experiences, ups and downs and our expertise in blogging, styling and photography through hands-on lessons and lots of discussions and one-on-one time with our students. We want to share what we’ve learned over the years in a supportive, intimate setting so that you can walk away with the tools that you need to blog your best and to produce content that you can be proud of that is uniquely you and from the heart.

Class No. 1: The Creative Business of Blogging
Instructors: Holly Becker, Leslie Shewring
Teaching Assistant: Melissa De La Fuente
Date: Saturday, March 3
Location: New York City
Time: 10:00-5:00

Join Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring for a day to explore the creative business of blogging. In a relaxed approach, we’ll discuss the key themes from the Blogging Your Way e-course and expand on them with new information and loads of inspiration and take away. This will be a small intimate class, giving you the opportunity to work closely with us to help you achieve your creative goals. We’ll share case studies and tons of tips and tricks that will leave you inspired and ready to blog!

Some topics we’ll cover:
- Finding your niche, personal style + your voice
- Writing from the heart
- Building your readership
- Getting out of creative ruts
- Social networking
- From blog to book – getting published

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Class No. 2: A Day of Color + Styling + Photography
Instructors: Holly Becker, Leslie Shewring
Teaching Assistant: Michelle Verdugo
Date: Sunday, March 4
Location: New York City
Time: 10:00-5:00

On Sunday, Holly and Leslie will spend the day sharing their approach to color, styling and photography. We will go over the importance of color palettes and how to collect inspiration. Then we will share composition tips for styling vignettes for your own photographs so you can watch us during our creative process and then, you’ll be invited to join in with hands-on lessons in styling followed by a photography how-to. Holly will also share her experience of styling people’s homes for photographs.

- Creating color palettes
- Gathering inspiration
- Composition
- Styling Vignettes
- Styling Homes
- Photography tips + editing ideas

Note: Please bring your camera to class on Sunday. It is helpful if you have a Digital SLR camera so that we can talk about manual settings. A tripod is helpful but not mandatory! You are welcome to bring your laptop so you can upload the photos that you work on. Have Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Elements on your computer so we can give you some tips on photo editing, too.

Cancellations: Absolutely no refunds can be given for this workshop friends, so please make sure that you can make this date.

Costs: The cost of our workshop for two days (discounted 10%) includes all materials, coffee breaks and lunches is $711. If you choose to only take one day, the cost is $395.

Location: Saturday and Sunday we will meet at our studio space in NoHo, NYC. Address will be sent to students upon enrollment by February 25th.

Space is extremely limited and we are at 50% enrollment already so if you’d like to join us, here is where you can learn more and make payment. Hope to see you soon!

xo, Holly & Leslie

(image: leslie shewring)

February 8, 2012
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Charming Mint Green Boy’s Room

Well what do you know!? I’m posting children’s rooms on decor8! ha ha! It’s a big deal for me to do this and if you blink you’ll miss them but it’s fun to go off the beaten track now and then and show something new. We tend to post things on our blogs that we feel attached to in one way or another and while I love children I think not having any does make me less inclined to think about their room design. Perhaps that will change in the future!

After posting the sweet pink girl’s room, Australian interiors and lifestyle photographer Tara Pearce sent in some great photos of a little boy’s room in cool mint that she asked me to consider posting. A mint green boy’s room? Oh yes please! Lenny is two-years-old and loves his new IKEA bed and minty green walls. His room has many vintage and handmade pieces and his little creative zone made me smile so I have to share it… Plus I can’t show a girl’s room and skip the little guys!

Visit Tara’s blog to see more of her stunning photos…

(images: Tara Pearce)

February 8, 2012
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Darling Pink Girl’s Bedroom

I rarely feature kid’s spaces but this one is so pink and adorable that I couldn’t resist when the Sissy + Marley team sent it over to me today. They are a fab NYC-based design firm who specializes in children’s spaces. How cute is this???

It’s quite spare for a kid’s room, I know, but I’m sure their little client Ava changed that the moment the photography crew left. :) Speaking on kid’s rooms and decorating, here is some advice from me from a recent interview from the Little Party Goers site. Perhaps some of my advice below will inspire those of you who are parents. :)

LPG: What makes your approach to decorating children’s rooms so unique?

HOLLY: I am not decorating as much as styling as I have no time for private clients right now so my styling work is mainly for books and commercial work. My approach to decorating a child’s space though, is that it really needs to reflect their taste and interests and there needs to be a place for everything – hair bands, dolls, cars, crayons – all need a bin or box or something to store it. Growing up, I had a place for everything so cleaning up my room was always fun for me since I liked arranging things as they were, stepping back to view it clean, then feeling a sense of accomplishment. I loved lining up my dolls perfectly on top of my toy box, for example or neatly folding all of my barbie clothes or putting them back in the Barbie closet on little pink hangers. I took care of everything that I owned. Ideally, you teach your child to respect others and themselves but also material objects through setting an example as a parent so if you help them to organize their room and show them how to maintain it and explain and show why maintaining it benefits them, it won’t be so hard for your child to want to be organized, too. My mother would often come into my bedroom and help me clean up and make it fun – she’d play a song and we’d have to clean it all up by the time the song was over in order to “win”. She didn’t always help me, but on days when she noticed I wasn’t motivated, she would come in with her usual high energy and enthusiasm and turn cleaning up into some kind of magical, fun game. After I was finished, I could then go outside to play or she’d take me to the beach or I could watch television or something. It made me happy as a child to have a neat bedroom too, I enjoyed that.

(images: sissy+marley)

February 7, 2012
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New decor8 Columnist: Emilie Griottes

I’m so thrilled to introduce you to a new columnist on decor8! French stylist and author Emilie Griottes is such an inspiration to me and now, she’ll bring beauty and great ideas once a month through her new column on decor8 (we don’t have a name for it yet, but when we met in Paris soon I’ll let you know what we’ve come up with!) beginning in March which will share food styling ideas, crafty inspiration and pretty things that will make your spine tingle!

Emilie is someone I found accidentally online last year and then was surprised to realize only recently that I owned some of her books! She will post on decor8 once a month beginning March 21 (my birthday!) so you will be in for a once-a-month treat from lovely Emilie from France. Here is a glimpse of her gorgeous work.

You can see more of Emilie’s work on her glorious blog. She is a top notch stylist and my favorite food blogger so I’m thrilled she is joining me on decor8. In fact, I’m just so happy she has joined the decor8 team which is just me and Leslie Shewring right now but I’m looking for a few more amazing people to write here once a month so we’ll see if I have more contributors down the road – only time will tell! But for now, I have Leslie and Emilie and that makes me just so honored, I really appreciate being surrounded by talented people and want to thank Emilie for accepting my offer to work for me here.

Welcome Emilie! xo

(images: emilie griottes)

February 7, 2012
  • food, inspiration

Audrey Jeanne Shop

French illustrator Audrey Jeanne has the sweetest little things in her online shop that I want to point you to today. I first found her postcards a few months ago in a local shop and have been meaning to write about her ever since… These posters and cards are just so sweet, aren’t they?

(images: audrey jeanne)

February 7, 2012
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Pastels, Natural Wood, Neon and Hints of Copper

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? I hope it was a good one. I got stranded in Holland due to the weather but made the best out of it and as a result, made some new friends and got to meet up with Eline Pellinkhof in her home city of Haarlem AND I was able to see a shop I’ve longed to see for several years now called Ottomania. It was such a great experience and I’m so glad that bad weather brought me to Haarlem though the travel bit was just horrible. I’m home now and made a little “me” time this morning as a result of the stressful journey back by train (a 4 hour trip took 17 hours and two days of freezing on platforms trying to go east into Germany) so a salon visit made everything right again. Total girl power! I thought I’d begin this week by announcing some good news and spotting a lovely trend. I thought I’d share the trend first and then, my next post, will highlight the very good news.

via Design Files the home of Lucy Young.

This is a trend I spotted in Amsterdam last week when I was out and about with Stephanie Rammeloo who is also quite keen on this color combination, too. I saw these tones together on a wall and my heart exploded with joy! It made me so happy to see something before me that I felt such an immediate connection to. Have you ever felt like that about a color palette? I thought to show you the palette best, I’d share some products and images that fit the scheme I’m referring to since I know you’re visual and well, seeing is really believing, isn’t it? From mere text, it wouldn’t seem as though a soft pastel like (god forbid I say this word), “peach”, would look great with neon pink, mint green, butter cream yellow and bold copper but it SO does. See for yourself…

Interior ideas from Home Life.

(copper, bright orange, mint green from J.Crew necklace from Anthropologie, tray from HAY, neons from BklynBride)

German ceramicist Nicole Mueller from Maison Sauvage

Different ways to combine these colors from Color Collective.

Confetti System (I wrote about them last January here.)


Interior ideas from Home Life.

More from Home Life.

Confetti System (I wrote about them last January here.)

I’m loving this trend and feel so inspired by it, you too?

(images: linked to sources above.)

February 6, 2012
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