Frozen Computer Screen Problem

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Is your computer screen freezes up frequently? If yes, this is the time when we should follow some steps in order to get rid of this problem. For most of us it not a new issue related to the computer. So let’s take a quick glance about what actually frozen computer screen means?

Sometime it happens that your computer screen freezes, means everything stops moving on the screen. In other words, you can say that computer becomes immobile and you can do nothing except to look at the screen and thinks ways to come out of the problem. Very first thing that you can do is turn off your computer for a while and then restart it again to check whether computer screen is working like before or not. Sometimes, freeze may be temporary and switching it off for a while may solve the issue but not every computer screen experience same temporary freezing problem.

So, for those kinds of screens, we have list of solutions that can be followed to solve the issue. Just like turning off and on the computer, another simple solution is pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del several times. You can also open task manager window and can close all the non-responding programmes that are running at that moment. By doing this, definitely you will lose your unsaved data but to solve the screen freezing problem, this step is must to do. Common reason why computer screen freezes up is related to RAM. Insufficient amount of memory left in RAM causes this problem. RAM helps us in doing multitasking on our computer system. If you are running multiple programmes on less RAM memory, then definitely this problem will arise like slow working processor, frozen screen etc.

Another alternative is to extend RAM in CPU. Try to have at least 1GB of RAM in your computer or laptop. However extending RAM memory will cost you a bit but this has to be done if the volume of work you do at a time is more.

Multitasking not only affects RAM but also computer speed. Even if your computer system has enough RAM memory, it is advisable not to run too many applications on computer simultaneously. This will slow down the speed of your computer. For running too may programmes on the computer, combination of internal configuration and hardware should be solid build-up. There is no need of visiting service centre for your PC maintenance as this can be done at home itself. Basic maintenance of PC includes defragmentation, running anti-virus periodically, cleaning up registry and so on. These things should be kept in mind and have to be done after certain period of time in order to avoid screen freezing problem and to enhance processing speed of your computer. You can also check online for diagnosing screen freezing problem. You will get end number of solutions online and all you have to do is select the one that you find is easy to use.

Always remember, slow processing speed of the processor or too much of load on the processor can be the prime source of screen freezing issue.

Anti-Glare Screen Protector

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Best way to fight with computer eye strain problem is to put an Anti-Glare screen protector on your PC, laptop, smart phones or any touch screen device.

You can get quality screen protector easily in the market and can use it in order to get rid of ultra violet light that hits directly to your eyes from the screen. Always remember good screen protector means good eye protection. Best screen protector that value for your money is anti-glare screen protector. It’s a thin film that fits between LCD screen and the display case. It fits quite well and remains at its place unless you want to change it. Best part with such screen protector are that they absorb almost 99% of the ultraviolet rays that hits your LCD screen so we can say that it reduces the incoming UV rays that may affect your eyes adversly. Cleaning anti-glare screen protector is quite easy. With most of anti-glare screen protector, you will get microfiber cloth that you can use to clean the protector or you can use cotton cloth to wipe the dust out of it without harming the monitor.

There are several features associated with Anti-Glare screen protector. Today, most of the smart phone users use this protector to protect the screen of their phones. Most of the smart phone companies claim that using anti-glare protector will definitely reduce the visibility of finger prints on the screen. It also prevents formation of bubbles under the film. Bubbles formation will definitely reduce the touch screen functionality of your smart phone and the capacity of device to detect the motion of your finger will get reduced. After knowing the benefits of anti-glare screen protector, let’s focus on its functionality. Basically these screens consist of big molecules known as “polymers” and the most common one is plastic but the one used in making these protectors are thinner and flexible. After applying this film on the screen, polymers starts working and decreases glare by reflecting off the excess of light from the screen device. The reflected light off the screen bounces everywhere which means that light produced by touch screen devices is always brighter than any glare.

Various laptop users use this anti-glare film on laptop screen in order to protect their eyes from UV light and also increase the visibility up to some extent. Another important thing is choosing the best anti-glare screen protector for your device. Always go with those screen protectors that reduce glare, are long lasting and cost effective. In order to select the best from the available options, you can ask your family members, friends and can go through the reviews to make a wise choice. Not all the screen protectors are made to reduce glare, only few are designed for that purpose. Some special kind of technology and materials are used to make the screen protector that decreases the screen glare. So search out for such films and materials. Anti-Glare screen protector has now become the necessity for every touch screen gadget users. This screen protector guards your device from any kind of damage, cracks or marks.

Anti-Glare screen protector is a good investment if you want to make your touch screen device, PC, laptop long lasting.

Features of Sony Play Station 3D Display

Published by dipti, on January 27th, 2012, in the categories: 3D Displays

Sony Play Station is much more than just a gaming console. It has become the favourite entertainment system for most of us.

Now you can also find Play Station 3D display available in the market. It’s a 3D 24 inch LCD monitor that displays two different monitors for two players wearing 3D glasses. Play Station 3D display has some interesting gaming features that displays 2D and 3D picture and is small in size as compared to other odd designs. Don’t compare this display with HD televisions. It comes with a pair of 3D glasses and does not even have a remote to operate. Though you will miss remote while using Play Station speakers for adjusting the volume. You will find the design of Play Station display unusual and unique. Its screen is completely flat and has flat grille speakers on either side. Back of the display has got two HDMI ports and video inputs. Sad part is that there is no VGA port and no USB port for playing or copying gaming files. Not only ports but there is no Wi-Fi feature too which means no internet connectivity is possible in this Play Station 3D display.

This display has been designed by Sony keeping in mind that it can be connected to either play station, computer or any other gaming console. Don’t consider missing ports as the worst part of this 3D display as there are lot of such factors still to come like missing remote. While playing games on gaming consoles, one keeps adjusting volume and without remote, it would become so difficult to do that. Every time one has to get up and adjust the volume using 3D display control buttons. Tag of Sony is enough to increase the sale of this 3D display. You can watch any 3D video or can play and 3D game you want on this display. To enjoy 3D effects, try the glasses that you will get with this display. There is one feature called as Simul View using which you can view different image in every pair of 3D glasses if you want that means, every player can see his own screen without splitting up the screen like we used to do in earlier gaming consoles.

Performance wise, Sony’s Play Station 3D display is quite interesting. It has got chroma meter and one display testing software. Using this software, you can adjust the contrast and brightness of the image. This 3D display consumes power of just 42 watts and I am sure that this feature will be an added advantage for the buyers.

Overall if you are comparing this 3D beauty with HDTV, unfortunately you will get disappoint in case of 3D display but if you are buying it for playing games especially 3D games. I am sure you will enjoy a lot especially its Simul View feature. You may not make this 3D display as centre piece for your living room but it will definitely make some good respectable place in gaming area of your house.

Reviews of HP Touch Smart 520

Published by dipti, on January 27th, 2012, in the categories: touch screen displays

Another show stopper in the category of PC is HP Touch Smart 520. I am sure that features of this HP product will definitely make you say wow when you use it.

HP Touch Smart 520 does not have any glassy polish and is not an ultra-stylish product; rather it has a different look and powerful performance capability along with touch screen that makes it a home entertainer. This particular all in one PC category is fully high definition which means that you can switch it between your family and work use and it will perform with equal efficiencies in both ways. So, let’s discuss main features of HP Touch Smart 512 that makes it worth to be a part of your family.

Design wise, it scores quite well due to its eye catching front. Appearance wise, it looks stunning due to it’s built in interface and occupies less space as compared to huge and bulky computer and CPU. You can consider it as a TV that comes with a keyboard and a mouse. HP Touch Smart 520 could be a perfect choice for your living room undoubtedly. It weighs up to 11 kg so make sure that whatever platform you are using to keep it should be structure wise tough.  HP Touch Smart 520 has a grey metal stand on which it resides. Its screen is surrounded by thick black plastic sheet and rear portions consist of fans and speakers. You may not find its rear portion but overall its buyer will get to one thing that HP has concentrated quite well at its performance and appearance both.

For some of us, Touch screen feature may not look that attractive or convenient to use but it is perfect for those who gets tired of hitting their finger on keyboard throughout the day. You may not find touch screen that much sensitive and that’s why in such condition you have to help of the mouse in order to get your work done. You will notice that touch screen feature works quite well with images but to minimize the window or any folder you have to use the mouse. Virtual keyboard will surely disappoint you in case of HP Touch Smart 520 as some of its key may not respond instantly and if this HP product has Windows 7 installed then you will definitely face problem with virtual keyboard as Windows 7 is not touch screen compatible.

HP Touch Smart 520 uses Intel Core i5 processor that means there is no chance of any issue related to its performance. In order to enhance its performance, HP has added 4 GB RAM that makes it an awesome machine for its user. Multitasking can be done at ease as it never shows any sign of slowing down when multiple applications run on it at the same time. HP Touch Smart does not contain graphics card but it has built-in Intel HD graphics that ensures good viewing quality.

Overall HP Touch Smart 520 can definitely give your room a perfect face lift. So, give it a try and I am sure you would not get disappointed at least not in the case of HP Touch Smart 520.

Reviews of Vizio E470VLE TV

Published by dipti, on January 27th, 2012, in the categories: LCD HDTV

Vizio is considered among the top TV manufacturers these days and the reason is quite obvious. They produce good range of televisions having different features offering different options.

One of its products, known as E0VL, neither has internet connection nor LED technology, but still is in high demand due to its superb features and specifications. Recently Vizio has launched another television known as E470VLE that delivers superb audio and video quality. Here we will be discussing its features in detail.

E470VLE Features

For many people, design of television matters a lot. Keeping this in mind, Vizio has given very appealing look to E470VLE. It is sleek and has stylish black colour having the stand made up of strong plastic. It weighs around 17 kg and is quite big dimension wise, which means that we cannot consider it among the slimmest television list. Front of E470VLE has 47 inch LCD screen. This is the very first television where LCD screen meets LED technology, say thanks to Vizio for this effort. Display has a resolution of 1080 pixel resolution having contrast ratio of 100.000:1. It has a response time of 8 milliseconds along with refreshing rate of 60Hz.

E470VLE has superb picture quality that enables us to view beautiful colours practically on it. While watching any video on it, you will notice that contrast is deep, details are rich and images are very sharp. Latest E470VLE has some built-in light sensor, a feature that helps a lot in controlling fluctuation in the brightness thereby delivering best picture quality possible. This television provides resolution up to 2 million pixels and has superb clarity. Its 178 degree viewing angle gives plenty of wideness to its viewers. You can watch your favourite serials or movies from any angle you want. You can also play JPG image files on this television on slide show.

In terms of ports and connectivity, it has 1 USB 2.0 port along with 2 HDMI, 1 composite video, 1 optical digital out ports available. It HDMI ports helps you to access this TV via satellite, Blu-ray gadget and a home theatre. E470VLE uses TruVolume and SRS sound technologies with speakers delivering sound up to 20W. Its built in Ambience light sensor adjust the backlight level depending upon the lighting of the surrounding in order to reduce stress on your eyes. Along with this television comes one power cable, one remote control, detachable base, user manual, registration card and setup guide. This television is Energy Star 4.1 certified which means that it consumes almost negligible amount of energy. LED edge lights used in E470VLE does not contain any mercury and this television is Green Leaf certified.

After all kind of tests have been performed on this television, we can say that Vizio E470VLE is a nice concept television that meets today’s technology quite well and it’s a nice idea if you are planning to buy an HD TV.
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